We want to give you the honest truth

Shipping a television is not always wise. The most important thing to know is: TSI does not insure televisions, and neither do most other shipping companies. This is because shipping a TV, compared to shipping furniture or shipping other large items, carries a higher chance of damage during transit because TVs are fragile. This is why there is no insurance coverage for shipping a TV.

How to reduce the chance of damage when shipping a television

That said, you CAN ship a TV. We offer 2 ways to ship a TV and reduce the chance of damage when shipping a television set:

  • Have your television professionally boxed or crated.
  • Box your crate your TV yourself. Do this if you are a professional packer or an experienced carpenter or handyman. Pack the TV extremely well. Ever notice how a brand new television is packed using styrofoam molds, foam rubber padding, cardboard insulation and other materials? Do the same. Good packing ensures that in the unlikely event your television is mishandled during loading and unloading, it will not be damaged. If you want to try this, you can order boxes here.

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