Ultra-reliable TV shipping services

Transit Systems specializes in LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping of delicate, valuable, heavy, odd-size and otherwise hard-to-handle items. TV shipping and electronics shipping in general are core parts of our business, unlike many shipping companies.

The truth about TV shipping and insurance

The most important thing to know about television shipping is this: TSI does not insure televisions, and neither do most other shipping companies. This is because shipping TVs — compared to shipping furniture or shipping other large items — carries a higher chance of damage during transit because they are fragile. This is why there is no insurance coverage for shipping a TV. This is all the more reason why you should vet shipping companies carefully before hiring one to ship your TV. Our company has been shipping TVs and other difficult household and business items since 1989 — our track record for reliable, safe and economical shipment is strong.

If a carrier tells you it has insurance coverage for television shipping, be sure you understand the specifics of the coverage:

  • What types of damage are covered?
  • How much of the value of your TV is covered?
  • How much does the insurance coverage cost? (Some carriers may try to hide the cost of the insurance in their estimates. Transit Systems, by the way, never hides any fees in our estimates and bills. We believe informed customers are the best customers!)

As a final option, consult with your homeowners insurance agent. You may have the ability to purchase supplemental insurance.

How to reduce the chance of damage when shipping a television

With proper care, shipping a TV is possible — and very likely — more secure than trying to transport it in your vehicle. We offer two ways to ship a TV and reduce the chance of damage when shipping a television set:

  • Have your television professionally boxed or crated. We offer this service as part of our WHITE GLOVE program, which you can certainly consider. If you are short on time or not confident in your ability to package your TV correctly, we can remove the worry.
  • Box or crate the TV yourself. Do this if you are a professional packer, or an experienced carpenter or handyman. Pack the TV extremely well. Ever notice how a brand new television is packed using styrofoam molds, foam rubber padding, cardboard insulation and other materials? Do the same. Good packing ensures that it will not be damaged in the unlikely event your television is mishandled during loading and unloading. If you want to try this, you can order boxes here.

Here are important tips for preparing a TV for shipping:

  • If you have the manufacturer’s packaging for your TV, congratulations! This packaging — the box and inserts — was designed specifically for your TV and will provide excellent cushioning protection while the item is being moved and in transit.
  • In addition to cushioning, be sure to protect the screen and other surfaces from scratching, dents and dings. A number of packaging materials can be used alone or in combination to accomplish this, including thin, flexible polypropylene foams and bubble materials. These items are available at many hardware and office supply stores; check with us or an in-store expert to select the appropriate item(s).
  • Crating is a good option, especially for large and heavy TVs. Assembling a crate involves a fair amount of carpentry skill, but the advantage is your TV will be blocked and braced to withstand just about any bumps it is likely to incur on the road. Be sure to check with your freight carrier before crating — depending on the type of handling equipment the carrier uses, crating may or may not be feasible.
  • If you purchase a box to package your TV, it should be constructed of heavy-duty corrugated board. Standard materials won’t be strong enough in terms of crush resistance.

Remember that your TV will be stowed on a semitrailer while in transit. Our experienced drivers and crews know how and where to store your TV on the truck to prevent other items from falling on it, and how to keep it stable (not shifting) while on the road. This is another example of why it’s best to choose a company such as Transit Systems for your television shipping — a company that handles TVs as a sideline will not have the experience to do the job like a pro.

Your TV is a valuable asset. Protect your investment with Transit Systems!

To find out more, call Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., or request a quote online.

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