Meet Kathy Temple, one of Transit Systems’ veteran Customer Service Representatives.

Kathy has been with Transit Systems since 2004, when the company was an up and coming company with only ten employees. Today, Transit Systems is made up of multiple departments and many more wonderful people.


Get to Know Transit Systems – Kathy Temple

As Transit Systems continues to grow, Kathy agrees that the company goals remain the mainly the same: “We always strive to build relationships with our customers and sell our service. But now we have specialized departments and more moving/shipping options for our customers – so we are able to say ‘Yes’ much more than we used to.”

Kathy feels that customers ship with Transit Systems because of the unique service provided. Transit Systems specializing in moving and shipping antiques and fine furniture. Most are “small jobs,” which means less than 2000-3000 lbs, and those are the jobs that most other companies won’t do at all.

Kathy’s favorite shipment ever? “Nothing too crazy — just a life size Ronald McDonald for a child’s bedroom! A bit weird, in my opinion.”

But that’s enough about Transit Systems…

Kathy grew up with three older brothers. She played tee ball as a child and then played softball all the way through her time at Kutztown University, where she graduated as a member of the Class of 2001. She has a Bachelors in Psychology, which is very helpful with her career in sales and working with and understanding people.

Currently, Kathy is married with two little boys – ages 5 and 1. She spends most, if not all, of her free time being a mom. Her oldest son Ryan loves playing hockey and tee ball, watching Villanova basketball and dressing up as a fireman (just like daddy). Kathy’s youngest son Shane is an excellent sleeper! He also loves to play Legos and doing coloring projects with Mom. Kathy is a lucky lady – both in her career and personal home life.

Transit Systems is extremely fortunate to have Kathy Temple on their team, but she has to admit, if she could, she would be a stay at home mom who volunteers part-time at the Ronald McDonald house and spends vacation time in Hawaii! Can’t blame her!

Thank you Kathy Temple for all that you do!