Why you can rely on TSI when you move out of storage

TSI has nearly over 25 years of experience in helping our customers with moving storage content. From one item of furniture to a full storage unit, our reliable, professional team of storage unit movers will help you move out of storage and into the future.

Why you save with TSI’s small move service

Unlike other small-load moving companies and shipping companies, we do not have a minimum weight or space charge. That means you don’t pay for empty room on a truck. An experienced small move team will come to your storage facility, carefully prepare your items, transport them, and bring them inside at delivery. We price small storage moves according to weight. You may already know the weight of your items, but if not, that’s okay. We work with standard industry weights to provide an accurate estimate.

Save even more with our freight shipping service

With TSI you get low-cost shipping of boxes, crates or pallet loads without freight company hassles. You don’t have to worry about dimensions, freight classes or tariffs. Our one-rate service eliminates many typical freight company hassles to make everything simpler. All you need to know is the weight of your shipment.

We offer same-day or next-day day pickup. Our freight shipping pros provide you with fast, efficient transport and friendly, knowledgeable service. You’ll receive low freight shipping rates and a simple, easy process with no hassles, no hidden charges and no surprises. Other freight companies may sometimes classify your shipment incorrectly, which could result in your getting hit with after-delivery charges. Since TSI is an FAK (freight of all kinds) shipper, that means your storage ships via one freight class and there are no rate mistakes.

Call Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or request a quote online.

Customer Reviews

Storage Move Services
based on 38 customer reviews


Shipped items from storage in Denver to home in Van Nuys James S. on June 15, 2016
Agent in Philadelphia (I believe) was agreeable and very helpful.

Move from storage locker in Tennessee to Florida Karen Nuckols on January 27, 2016
Lost two items. Knew at delivery they weren't here. Supposed to trace but over a week later, no word. Call backs were slow. Delivery guys were great.

Moved from Brooklyn to Public Storage in LA Sean L Udin on January 15, 2016

Storage move to San Francisco Patrick C. on December 15, 2015
So far, so good. Shipment being held in storage pending us securing rental apartment in Albany. Susan Osborn superb. Movers excellent. Final opinion pending.

Picked up wood door from storage in NJ, shipped to Indy Stephen Baclini on December 04, 2015
Easy to use. Great follow up by phone personnel.