Why you can rely on TSI

We specialize in long-distance sofa shipping, couch shipping and furniture shipping of all kinds. Our shipping specialists are friendly, fast and courteous. Our pickup and delivery professionals are reliable and experienced, and we offer two sofa shipping options that will meet every need in every budget: WHITE GLOVE SERVICE or ECONOMY SERVICE.

Did we mention that we’ve been doing this since 1989— experience does count. Call for a price quote now or click to get a quote online.

Why you save with TSI

It costs less to ship a couch, ship a sofa or ship other furniture with TSI because we are the experts in less-than-truckload transport. Your items will travel on a truck with other shipments, so you only pay for the weight of your items. Full-load movers charge for space on an entire truck, which means that if your items only take up half of the truck space you’re paying more money than you need to! When you ship a couch or ship a sofa with us you get a clear explanation of shipping costs with no hidden fees and no surprises.

We offer sofa shipping options to fit your needs. WHITE GLOVE SERVICE provides a two man team of moving professionals that will come inside, carefully prepare your sofa, couch or other items for shipping, and safely bring everything inside at delivery. With this service, we take care of it all!

For those in need of more affordable, fast sofa shipping options turn to our ECONOMY SERVICE. With ECONOMY SERVICE, we will provide fast and affordable curbside pickup and delivery of all protected, boxed, and crated items. Please note that you may be required to assist the driver load and unload all heavy items from the truck.

Why it’s safe with TSI

When you ship a couch or ship a sofa, it’s important to respect the bulkiness of the item as much as the weight. We’ll handle your couch or sofa carefully down steps, around corners or through doorways, and secure it safely on the truck for transport. We’ll wrap the items with blankets or bubble wrap, carefully carry it, load it and transport it.

We’ll handle a small move, too

If you’re relocating and have furniture and boxes,TSI is the small move and furniture shipping expert that can help. We can ship bedroom furniture, we can ship dinning room furniture, we can ship televisions and we can ship almost every other large household item.

Call Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or request a quote online.

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Couch and Sofa Shipping
based on 38 customer reviews


Shipped love seat and buffet to Virginia Beach Nancy H. on November 17, 2015
I was not present at the receiving end of the shipment. My family said that the men were polite and helpful but that it was only the second delivery that they had made (new company). They did a good job but initially did not inspire confidence. Gina was helpful in understanding the process and booking the shipment. Thanks!

Shipped three sofas to Austin, Texas Teresa A. on October 25, 2015
Follow up from start to finish was excellent communication from the truck driver was perfect. He was on time, trained, efficient and very nice.

Four-Cushion couch shipped to Santa Fe, NM Alexandra K. on October 23, 2015
My sofa was brand new when it was picked up and it arrived with tears on the bottom of the sofa. I have pictures to prove it and your delivery men also took the same photos with their camera.

Shipped a sectional couch to Los Angeles from Cedar Rapids Jamie V. on September 24, 2015
The two men who dropped off my couch were fantastic. It was 100 degrees outside and they got the job done in record time.

Leather sofa shipped with white glove service Marion Hollis on September 17, 2015
Bought a used leather sofa from individual in CA and had it shipped "white glove service" to me in KY. Arrived without any damage to packaging or sofa. No hidden surprise charges upon delivery. Very Pleased. Had a used sofa shipped "white glove service" from individual in CA to me in KY. 2,000 miles, no damage, even to packaging, no hidden, "surprise" charges upon delivery. Very pleased!