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Why you can rely on TSI for your small move

We specialize in small moves and shipments that are less-than-truckload. Whether it’s one item of furniture or an entire apartment, condo or small house, our small moving and shipping specialists have you covered. You can choose between two-man inside pickup and inside delivery with our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE, or select our more affordable and faster ECONOMY SERVICE option. TSI has been moving small loads around the United States since 1989. Experience counts! Call now or click to get a price quote.

Why we are the BIG small moving company

When we say that TSI is one of the nation’s leading small moving companies, we don’t mean that we’re “small” movers. We mean we help individuals, families, and companies make small moves nationwide. We’ve been named three times to the Inc. 5,000 list of America’s fastest growing private companies. And, we are an Approved Vendor to The UPS Store® centers for shipping freight and larger items and loads!

Most small load movers are limited when it comes to coverage and service, but we aren’t. We move nationwide and we move fast! You may need us to ship furniture, boxes or other large household items — but whatever type of long-distance small move you need, you’ll get white-glove service and save hundreds of dollars compared to other small movers.

How to choose among small moving companies

Unlike other small movers, we do not have a minimum weight charge that exceeds 100 lbs., so you don’t pay for empty room on a truck. When you choose TSI’s White Glove Service for your small move an experienced small move team comes to your home, storage facility or other location, carefully prepares your items, transports them, and brings them inside at delivery.

We price small moves according to weight, which makes our pricing more affordable than other small move companies’. You may already know the weight of your items, but if not, that’s okay. We work with standard industry weights to provide an accurate estimate that won’t change.

We’ll create an exact inventory of items you need moved. Your price will be based on that list and the information you provide. Unless those things change, the price for your small move won’t change. There won’t be any hidden charges or fees.

Some small load movers charge for the room your items take up on their truck. If you have a small move, your items most likely won’t take up the entire truck, so you end up paying for space you don’t use! TSI offers the same small move service, just at lower rates! We charge less because be base our prices on weight instead of cubic feet.

If you can box or crate your items, we can ship them at low-cost freight rates. This type of service is usually not what a small move customer wants, but if you think it might work for you, we’ll explain the packing guidelines so you can choose.

We match the service and price to fit your needs

We’ll work with you to decide which small move service is best for you. Most of our customers prefer our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE with a two-man crew, wrapping of items for transport, and inside pickup and delivery. In the end it saves you time and hassle. And possibly money as well, because it’s better to have TSI’s professional movers handle your precious possessions.

If you are looking for a more affordable and fast way to ship your small move, rely on our ECONOMY SERVICE. This option offers curb to curb pickup and delivery, which means that you may have to help our truck drivers load and unload your items.

TSI is the leader among small moving companies for long-distance small moves at prices you can afford. TSI moves and ships nationwide and is a family-owned company, serving America since 1989. When you useTSI for your small move, you get the strength of nationwide coverage combined with personal service.

For any small move, please call Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or request a quote online.

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Customer Reviews

Small Moves
based on 35 customer reviews


Small Move from Florida to New Jersey Aimee B. on October 01, 2015
Complete professionals! Communication was excellent prior to pick up and delivery. My items were packed and delivered with courtesy and care. I would definitely recommend Transit Systems to anyone in need of a small move.

Moved from the Carolinas to Carlsbad, California in three days Marissa D. on September 16, 2015
I had to ship 5 boxes, a headboard, and 47" TV. I wrapped and labeled everything as they suggested. Not only was pick up on time, it was early which worked out very well. My things made it from NC to CA in mint condition in three days. The company was diligent in contacting me and updating the status of the delivery by both email and phone. I was charged an additional amount due to my items being heavy, however they were very clear that the initial quote was an estimate. Ultimately the cost would be determined by the actual weight. Overall, I would highly recommend to anyone for small, long distance moves.

Moved from Texas to Oklahoma Kevin Riley on September 11, 2015
All went well except knowing when movers will be scheduled, arrival time and they were many hours late. Much confusion about which moving company was scheduled.

Moved from Dayton, Ohio to Contoocook, NH Dara B. on September 03, 2015
I would recommend to anyone looking to make a move.

Move from New York City to Montana Melanie Simmerman on July 30, 2015
On the whole everything worked out fine. The pick up was great - they arrive at the early part of the four hour window and one of the guys helped a lot. On the receiving end, communication was a bit balled up. We expected that they would call first to arrange delivery. First, they arrived several days early - so my friend was not home. Apparently a neighbor saw them and signed for the delivery and they left the boxes on the curb. It proceeded to thunderstorm. Luckily for me, the neighbors covered the boxes with a tarp, so they did not get wet and rescued by rugs as well. So, communication could have been clearer about how delivery works and what happens if they arrive and no one is home (they really should have warned us that they were early). But, it all worked out okay in the end.