Shipping services offered by TSI

TSI offers several different types of shipping services and moving services, and we match our shipping services to fit your needs. Many people have moves or shipments that involve boxes or crates, furniture, or other household goods– and not all movers and shippers can effectively service these jobs. We can transport all of those things, as well as most large items.

Our goal is to make your move or shipment easy. You’ll find our shipping and moving specialists are friendly, fast and courteous and our pickup and delivery professionals are reliable and well-experienced. We’re happy to answer all of your questions about what shipping service is right for your move.

We’ve been doing moving and shipping since 1989 — experience does count.

Shipping furniture and other household items

If you need long-distance shipping for shipping living room furniture, shipping a dining room set, shipping a bedroom suite, or shipping any other large household items, we’ll give you an exact shipping price quote based on the list of items you’re shipping. A two-man shipping crew will prepare the items for shipping and pick up and deliver them inside your house, apartment or office if you choose our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE. Or, if you are looking for an affordable, fast way to ship use our ECONOMY SERVICE which offers curbside pickup and delivery.

Shipping boxes, crates and pallets

If you need to ship items that are boxed or crated, we’ll give you an exact shipping quote based on the total weight of your shipment. The most economical way to ship your items is to choose our low-cost freight shipping service for the best possible shipping price. Or you can pay a bit more for our moving service and receive full inside pickup and delivery. If you’re not sure which moving or shipping service you want, don’t worry, we’ll explain all of your shipping and moving options and you can decide which shipping or moving service works best for you.

Senior Move Services

If you or an elderly loved one need to downsize from a large home to a smaller one or relocate to a senior living community, our senior move experts are here to help. As a National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Industry Partner we provide the care, precision, and timely service that each senior move calls for. If you have furniture and precious belongings that can’t accompany you to the new home, we can ship items to children or relatives located across the country. We’ll also take care of every other relocation detail–from packing, unpacking, and relocating belongings to hanging pictures, hooking up cable and internet, and stocking the pantry.

Specialty or high-value items

If you need to move special items that are too large to be boxed or crated, or that would cost too much to box or crate, we will transport them with a white-glove moving service for maximum care and protection. This moving service is great for moving everything, from moving home arcade games and moving antique cigar store Indians, to moving backyard swing sets and moving business-size photocopiers. We can move almost any type of big and bulky item.

Small long distance moves

Our small move service gives you full-service moving at a low moving price. We move your items the same way Fedex® handles packages. The items you are moving are picked up and taken to a central location before being sent out to their destination on another truck. The entire moving process requires up to four weeks, but the cost of the move is usually in the hundreds and not the thousands of dollars a full-load mover would charge for this type of move.

TSI’s long-distance moving service is great for moving living room furniture, moving a dining room set, moving a bedroom suite, or moving any large household items. You can choose between WHITE GLOVE SERVICE and ECONOMY SERVICE.

Small business moves

We offer long-distance shipping of office furniture and equipment nationwide. If you have a full-office long-distance move, we won’t be able to service your needs, but if you need to ship 1-10 items we can ship your items cheaper and better than a full-load mover!

Ground freight shipping services

We offer ground freight shipping service from anywhere in the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii) shipping to anywhere in the U.S (except Hawaii). We ship by freight shipping service to Canada too.

Airfreight shipping services

We offer airfreight shipping service to and from anywhere in the U.S. Airfreight shipping is ideal for shipping large items that are especially fragile or valuable.

International ocean freight shipping

We ship internationally by ocean to most major cities in the U.K. and Europe, as well as shipping to Asia and South America. There are some shipping restrictions, principally these: 1) the shipment must pick up in the U.S. (we do not import); 2) delivery is to the foreign terminal, and 3) the recipient must take care of any customs duties or payments as well as transport from the foreign terminal to the final destination.

For any of the moving and shipping services above, please request an online international price quote here or call for a quote.

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Shipping Services
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Return Customer Wendy S on February 13, 2015
Used your service about 2 years ago and was satisfied. So searched for your name in my emails and was able to reconnect. Everything went as predicted, handled professionally and I am very satisfied.

Shipped Credenza to Ohio Richard F. on January 14, 2015
Great Service. Cost seems high.

Smooth Household Goods Shipment Diane H. on December 19, 2014
Everything went smoothly!

Disappointed Bonnie C. on December 11, 2014
When I signed up for the move, I was told that the delivery date would be arranged with the dispatcher and that it would be flexible. I did communicate with the dispatcher, but he could not be very flexible with the time of delivery. It worked out ok, but I would definitely take this into consideration when planning another move. I also did not realize that the things being moved would be stored after pick-up and then loaded on another truck for delivery. This makes sense given the flexibility of doing small loads, but allows for more wear and tear on things being moved. Several of our things were scratched or had minor dents, but we were not able to be there for the delivery so did not note them. We were disappointed with the minor damage, but had deliberately not moved anything so precious that it was a big problem. The men who came to pick our things up were very nice, efficient and helpful. I needed to do some phone follow-up to make sure that delivery would be arranged with another party, but that was also ok. Everyone I talked with in arranging the services was courteous and helpful.

Outstanding Service Norman J. Howard, Jr. on December 10, 2014
The services provided by Transit Systems were outstanding, from receipt of the initial quote through the actual delivery. Transit Systems advised me throughout the process of the status of my delivery. All personnel with whom I communicated were courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The item of furniture which Transit Systems picked up, transported and delivered to me in SC was wrapped well and was delivered to my home in SC without any damage or problems. The price which I paid for the services was reasonable. I would definitely recommend Transmit Systems to others who may request transportation services.