Why freight shipping is easier with TSI

TSI makes freight shipping easy for several reasons. First, you don’t need to know freight shipping classes. We assign the proper class to your freight shipment, which eliminates freight shipping mistakes that other carriers make. So the freight shipping rate we quote is the exact freight shipping rate you’re charged.

Second, we offer carrier and service options to ensure you get the lowest price with the type of freight shipping service you require.

Third, we take care of all paperwork, tracking and follow-up for your freight shipment. We’ll fax or email you the completed bill of lading that is required with freight shipments and all you have to do is hand it to the driver.

How to ship freight with TSI

Pickup and delivery for your freight shipment can be made at a business or residence. Call for freight shipping assistance and a TSI freight shipping specialist will clearly explain everything and provide a freight shipping quote in minutes.

Freight shipping service requires that all items be boxed or crated. TSI’s freight shipping specialists do not box or crate items. If you need boxing or crating service for your freight shipment, we recommend that you call your local UPS StoreĀ®. If you do box items yourself, you can order packing materials here for your freight shipment and get free, next-day delivery of the materials.

Please note: TSI does provide crating as part of certain moving services, such as a shipping antiques or other high-value items.

TSI offers low freight shipping rates and much more, including the freight shipping experience needed to handle everything quickly and smoothly. Please call for a freight shipping quote or request a freight shipping quote online now.

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based on 26 customer reviews


Shipped Large Flat-Screen TV 2300 Miles to Portland Michael N. on August 26, 2015
Thomas was great and I appreciated the time he took in describing the service to me and coordinating everything given I was unfamiliar with freight shipments. My only negative feedback regarding TSI is the lack of detail and timeliness of the tracking mechanism; for example, my shipment still shows up as not received. I'm quite sure that it has been received, but I have received no confirmation other than I haven't heard any complaints from the receiver of the shipment.

Heavy Oak Toy Box Shipped to Portland Ron Rowden on August 20, 2015
Toy box was delivered into Portland, OR on time and no damages. Very happy with the service from YRC freight.

Shipped Crated Sewing Machine to Marshallville, GA Sam K. on August 20, 2015
Good Job

Shipped Heavy Stove from New York to Missouri MaryAnn Calhoun on August 11, 2015
Carol was so awesome to work with and I would certainly call her again if needed!!

Shipment to California from New England Marcia H. on August 07, 2015
I would book you again to carry my freight/items across country. Your company is far better than your competition (UPS)!