Why freight shipping is easier with TSI

TSI makes freight shipping easy for several reasons. First, you don’t need to know freight shipping classes. We assign the proper class to your freight shipment, which eliminates freight shipping mistakes that other carriers make. So the freight shipping rate we quote is the exact freight shipping rate you’re charged.

Second, we offer carrier and service options to ensure you get the lowest price with the type of freight shipping service you require.

Third, we take care of all paperwork, tracking and follow-up for your freight shipment. We’ll fax or email you the completed bill of lading that is required with freight shipments and all you have to do is hand it to the driver.

How to ship freight with TSI

Pickup and delivery for your freight shipment can be made at a business or residence. Call for freight shipping assistance and a TSI freight shipping specialist will clearly explain everything and provide a freight shipping quote in minutes.

Freight shipping service requires that all items be boxed or crated. TSI’s freight shipping specialists do not box or crate items. If you need boxing or crating service for your freight shipment, we recommend that you call your local UPS StoreĀ®. If you do box items yourself, you can order packing materials here for your freight shipment and get free, next-day delivery of the materials.

Please note: TSI does provide crating as part of certain moving services, such as a shipping antiques or other high-value items.

TSI offers low freight shipping rates and much more, including the freight shipping experience needed to handle everything quickly and smoothly. Please call for a freight shipping quote or request a freight shipping quote online now.

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Shipping Freight
based on 11 customer reviews


Shipped Boxes with Heavy Work Tools Elaine W. on May 08, 2015
Pickup - Driver never showed up on scheduled day. New driver arranged for next day and he showed up 45 minutes early while boxes were still in house. Very polite and professional and willing to get the boxes out of the house. Delivery - even though correct phone number was listed on all boxes, driver had incorrect phone number (two transposed numbers) and did not reach recipient. Also arrived several days early and convinced a neighbor to sign for boxes, which didn't make recipient very happy. Boxes were all accounted for and no damage noted.

Shipped Oblong Paddleboard with TSI Pat W. on May 08, 2015
The only issue I had was that the freight office was supposed to call me and give me a 30 minute heads up so I could meet them at my house. They neglected to do this and the driver called me at work advising he was at my house. I work close to home so the driver did wait 10 minutes for me to get there.

Pleased with TSI Freight Brian L. on April 17, 2015
Everything went very well. I was pleased with the service. My costs were lower because I dropped off and picked up at terminal locations. To get what I needed in the arrangement of price and delivery, I had to talk to several sales people and finally found one that took the time to explain the process, find the locations, work the computer system glitches correctly. She made it worth it. As far as the shipment, the only thing I noticed was that upon receipt, the custom pallet was smashed in like someone had driven the fork lift into badly. None of the items were damaged, but could have been if the items were stacked differently.

Household Goods Shipped to Colorado Mike Ellzey on March 20, 2015
I have used Transit Systems twice to move my daughter's household goods and both times the shipments were handled professionally with great communication and will use Transit Systems again when the need arises. Carol with Transit Systems was wonderful to work with.

Shipped Freight from Seattle to Boise Pat Mills on January 28, 2015
Everything went fine with this shipment but 2 of the 20 boxes on the shipment did not arrive with the balance of the pallet/boxes. Both were bicycle boxes and were too big to put on the pallet and shipped separately. I think they were delivered to the Boise distribution centre, but left on the dock by the local delivery truck. Other than me having to go pick them up, the balance of the shipment went well.