Transit Systems has been shipping furniture for over 20 years and will offer you exceptional service. Transit Systems also gives you moving and shipping options designed to give you the best service that fits your needs, and saves you money too.

If you’re going to be moving or shipping a sofa or couch, you have two great options to choose from:

White Glove Service

You can make moving and shipping a sofa even easier with our white glove service! This is an upgrade and you will spend a little more, but you’ll do less preparation for your move and lift even less.

“White Glove” means our experienced movers will come into your home, carefully wrap and prepare your sofa with blankets or bubble wrap, load it, and transport it. We also will do the same with your coach, tables and chairs, and any items you need shipped. This enhanced level of service requires less work on your part, and you’ll pay a little more for it. If however you are looking for more of a budget friendly way to ship your sofa or couch, you should consider our lower cost alternative called “Wrap-It-Shipping.”


Wrap-It-Shipping means you prepare your items the way our moving crew would prepare items for shipment. You place cardboard edge protectors on sharp corners and wrap everything in bubble wrap. For shipping a sofa, you essentially cover and/or wrap it up in protective blankets.

This type of shipping is limited to a long distance move with up to 10 items. With your boxed items, you do not have to bubble wrap them. Our movers will come and pick up the items you’ve wrapped for transport and deliver them to your destination of choice. If you’re willing to make more of an effort and prepare your sofa for shipping, this option can save you money.

Please refer to our website for an approximation of how much bubble wrap you will need for each piece of furniture. We do require items to be wrapped in two layers of bubble wrap (and the bubble wrap must be 5/8” bubbles or larger).

If you need boxes visit EcoBox and get free shipping, bubble wrap, edge protectors, and packing tape with your box purchase.

Hope this Moving and Shipping Tip helps you with your move!

If you have any questions, we have an awesome Live Help line that is available during business hours.