Basements add awesome amounts of storage to your house, and lots of livable space too. Storing items that you are not using every day (holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes & shoes, skis, bikes, toys) and much more! Instead of ignoring your basement, get to know it! Transit Systems offers you some great tips for taking inventory and organizing your basement to make better use of all that great space!

1-2-3 Steps to Organize Your Basement

Step 1 – Find out what is in your basement and write it all down. Before you can do anything to your basement you need to know what you are working with. Do you have lots of big items? Do you have large or small containers? How often will you need the items? Do you have more to go into your basement? All of these questions will help you in the organization process. Get a pad and pen and take inventory, you’ll find it easier to categorize the items on paper first.

Step 2 – Sorting through your items. Items that you outgrew and plan on selling should go in the back of your basement or on a high shelve. But if you do want to sell them, try Craigslist or post them on eBay and then you may want to keep them more available. Items that you only use once a year like your decorations can also be stored up high or on the bottom of a pile. Items that you use more on a regular basis need to be more readily available.

Step 3 – Utilizing all of the space in your basement. Be aware of the space you have to work with, this will help to re-organize. Once you are aware of how much space you have and what you will be storing, you may want to put items on shelves, in containers or hang them up.

Shelving – Shelves help to get items up off the floor. This is great, especially if your basement gets wet. You can create shelves out of wood or metal, depending on what you plan to put on them. Some ideas include extra canned food (only store canned food otherwise you may get mice), extra toiletry items, kitchen items (i.e. crockpot, serving plates, waffle iron), board games that you do not play very often, tools, etc.
Storage Containers – Containers are great for out of season clothes or clothes that are either too small or too large. You want to label each box clearly on the outside. This will also keep small animals, moisture, bugs, and dust out of your clothes.
Hanging Items – A great way to store your bikes and outside toys is in the basement hanging up. You may want to hang your tools, beach chairs and camping gear. Hanging items keeps this safe from water and will also create more space.

We hope these easy steps can help you to organize and understand your basement to its fullest extent! Count yourself lucky for all that extra space that you have and be sure to use it properly!

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