Transit Systems can help! Below is a chart of the best times of the year to buy specific types of furniture. These are the best times to save! And we all know we love a good deal!

Living Room Furniture – These are very popular items and have a high demand throughout the year. However they do have an even higher demand during the holiday season; therefore you want to make your purchase a few months before the holiday when the company is bringing in fresh stock. Therefore, September through October and May are the times to look for a discount.

Recliner & Chairs – Mother’s Day and Father’s Day sales are when you will see a huge discount on these items.

Dining Room – The holiday season (November/December) is when you experience a rush of guests and visitors; therefore buying a dining room set in December right before the holiday is a great time to shop.

Patio Furniture – One week before the official start of summer is the best time to buy because you can see savings as high as 50% off.

Office Furniture – As you might imagine, tax time of the year, is the best time to buy office furniture. With that said, January and also one week after tax season is ideal for buying office furniture.

Keep these trends in mind when it comes time for your next big purchase! And keep Transit Systems in mind if you ever need your your furniture shipped

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