Why You Can Rely on TSI When Shipping Large Items

Transit Systems specializes in providing less-than-truckload shipments of large items, from one single item to a roomful of furniture to loaded pallets. So if you need to ship large items, trust TSI to help! In addition to our other services, we are a large item courier, with specialists who are friendly, fast and courteous. Our pickup and delivery professionals are reliable and experienced. At TSI, we’ve been doing this since 1989 — and experience does count. Whether you need to send a grandfather clock or a group of pallets, let us know. Call for a price quote or get a quote online.

TSI: The Solution to Large Shipping Headaches and Hassles

It only takes one experience of trying to ship bulky or odd-shaped items for you to realize that large-item shipping can create a lot of headaches. For one thing, you have to find a company that can handle your items; a lot of shipping companies and movers won’t. You may have to pay exorbitant rates. On top of this, you may deal with the annoying hassles of figuring out how to package your furniture, boxes or crates for shipment in the first place. With TSI, you have a ready answer to all of these would-be problems that will be eliminated. We take on large shipments of all kinds. We offer affordable prices on shipping jobs. What’s more, we give you the option to have us package everything up for you if you would like. Whatever you need to ship, let TSI take the hassles out of the experience.

Why You Save With TSI When Shipping Large Items

We will ship your large, unpacked items such as furniture for less than the costs of a full-load mover. What we do in those instances is called small move shipping service, and it’s ideal for shipping large items such as furniture, antiques, appliances, office equipment, boxed and crated items and almost any other large household item.

TSI’s large item shipping service offers two shipping options. If you would like a team to come inside at pickup, carefully prepare large items for shipping and load your large items on a truck, choose our white glove service. The team will also bring your large items inside for a higher level of service in large item delivery.

Or, for affordable and quick shipping, rely on our economy service. This service provides curbside pickup and delivery of all boxed, crated and protected items. Please note: You may be required to help the driver load and unload items from the truck.

You save when you ship large items with TSI because we ship large items the same way FedEx handles packages. Your large items are picked up and taken to a central location before being shipped out to their destination on another truck. Although TSI’s large items shipments process can take up to four weeks, the cost to ship large items using this service is significantly less than a full-load mover would charge.

How to Save Even More When Shipping Large Items

If you are shipping large items that are boxed or crated and are carefully and securely packed, there’s another way you can cut costs. You can ship your large items using TSI’s freight service. Our large item freight shipping service is economical and fast. To ship with this service, you can order boxes and packing materials here.

Get Your Free Quote Today

Whether you need to send a bulky rug or an unusually shaped piece of furniture, TSI is here to make the process easy. Call us from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Fridays, or request a quote online. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with a fast, free estimate of costs, backed by real information and data. With TSI, you’ll never have to worry about hidden or unexpected costs, and you’ll enjoy exceptional service beginning to end.


Large Item Shipping Service
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China cabinet shipped with TSI Lela C. on December 22, 2016
My only concern was not getting progress reports. The packers were great and the delivery smooth. Just kept wondering what was happening...

Shipped a large hutch Ronnie P. on November 03, 2016
Never before have I had such a totally positive experience.

Shipped fitness gear with TSI Linda J. on November 01, 2016
Great job! Isaac Votta was very accessible by e-mail and provided me with all the info I needed promptly!

Great company to ship large furniture Kathryn Seeling on September 12, 2016
Awesome company to ship a large piece of furniture. They were professional and kept me informed of my delivery every step of the way. I would use them again. Great company!

Large furniture shipped well with TSI Ray on August 23, 2016
Delivery employee was professional and very aware of how to place heavy furniture. He suggested putting felt tabs along the bottom of the piece for ease of future movement.