TSI will ship your boxed or crated items safely, on time and on budget
If your shipment is too big for parcel service, it’s perfect for TSI. We specialize in less-than-truckload shipments, from one box or crate to 10, 20 or more. Over twenty five years of experience in specialized small moves and shipments make us a reliable and trusted shipping provider. Shipping boxes, shipping crates and shipping other large prepackaged items can be a hassle, but with the help of our trained moving experts shipping crates or pallets is easy! Find helpful tips for packing a box here.

Our shipping specialists are friendly, fast and courteous and will assist you in shipping crates, shipping pallets, and shipping other large items. Our pickup and delivery specialists are reliable and professional, ensuring that your boxes and crates arrive on time and on budget. We’ve been doing it since 1989 — experience does count. Call for a price quote or click to get a quote online.

Why you’ll save with TSI
We offer our customers discounted shipping rates because we ship boxes, we ship crates and we ship pallet loads using our freight shipping service. When you call us about shipping boxes or crates, our highly trained shipping experts will provide you with an exact price quote. Your price is based on the weight of your boxed, crated or palletized shipment and the pickup and delivery locations.  Then, we will clearly explain how we ship your items and will answer any questions you may have. You are able to ship any number of boxes, ship any number of crates or ship any number of pallet loads. Our prices are guaranteed so there are no surprises or hidden charges at any point in your shipping process–the price only changes if you add or subtract items from your shipment or change delivery or pickup locations.

For items that are not easily boxed, crated or palletized for shipping, TSI can still ship your household items to a friend, relative, ebay buyer or anyone else. You can ship furniture, ship antiques, ship large appliances, ship home exercise equipment, and ship copiers or other office equipment.

TSI also ships unusual items, from kayaks and arcade games to statues and dog cages. These items do need to be boxed or crated for shipping.

We offer easy and affordable packing resources
At TSI, our shipping crate, shipping box, and shipping pallet services provide you with easy, safe, and affordable ways to transport your goods. Our shipping experts will offer to help find the packaging materials you need to make sure your shipment of boxes and crates (and other large items) arrive safely at their destination.

If you need shipping boxes and other supplies, you can get free delivery by ordering packing materials here. If you are unable to box or crate some items for shipping, like furniture, you can request a moving services quote.

TSI has been a trusted moving broker offering shipping services since 1989. Our service has assisted businesses—both large and small—as well as other customers with shipping their boxes and crates nationwide. Please call Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or click to request a quote online.

Shipping Boxes and Crates
based on 74 customer reviews


Shipment from Florissant to Rexford as Advertised Jessica on June 04, 2015
We had two large boxes moved from Colorado to New York and everything was as advertised. Great experience!

Shipped Wood Carousel Horse on a Pallet Bob N. on June 02, 2015
Great customer service with the parcel (carousel horse) being delivered early and in great condition. I will be using TSI for the return shipment this coming month.

Small Shipment to San Antonio, TX Lin L. on June 02, 2015
The customer service from the office staff who set up the move was excellent! However, in spite of the orders to crate or box two expensive items, those things were shipped cross county with just a blanket over them. One of these, a large antique mirror arrived with a crack in the back wooden frame. I understand that an insurance claim has been filed, but I have still received no word of it. The office staff did credit the charges for the wooden crate, etc. that were never used.

Shipped Mini-Car In a Box to Indiana Gene N. on June 01, 2015
The delivery company was flexible with the delivery date as I was going to be out of town at the time of expected delivery. They held my parcel without charge. All in all I am very satisfied with the overall experience.

Shipment from San Antonio to Duluth Miriam L. on May 29, 2015
Awesome service!