I am sure when you first starting dating your husband, it was easy to come up with fun, romantic date ideas, but then life sets in.

Valentines Day Blog

Image by Clem Onojeghuo on unsplash.com

Who knew how difficult it would be to plan, and schedule a date with your husband? Whether you have children, or just a really busy work or school schedule; finding time to “date” your husband gets pushed aside. But we all need to make time to keep the romance alive!

Try these 25 great cheap date ideas and ask your hubby out on a date!

1. Stay in and order take out. Take out is cheap but we all love it. Order Chinese or Indian food, light some candles and put on Love Song from Pandora; then cuddle and watch a movie.
2. Take a city tour. You may have been living in your city for years, but have you ever really checked out the tourist attractions? Spend the night acting like tourists and take silly pictures of each other.
3. Game Night. Invite your neighbors over and pull out some of the old games. Try “Farkle,” “Battle of the Sexes,” “Apples to Apples,” or “Boxers or Briefs.”
4. Go wine tasting. If you are a member of Living Social or Groupon; they tend to have great wine tasting classes for two, for less than half price!
5. Make pizza and taste beer. Again, try a Living Social or Groupon deal for a local place to make pizza with your husband and taste beer at the same time.
6. Go see a play. Either hit the big city, a local community theater or even your high school’s show; there is always entertainment available.
7. Go to a local park, just the two of you. Swing on the swings, go for a run, have a catch or just find a bench to sit, enjoy the weather and chat.
8. Make dessert together. You could try ice cream sundaes with all the toppings or you could make something new. Spend time together in the kitchen getting your hands involved.
9. Spend time at a local museum. Most museums are free and if they aren’t, they do not cost much. If you use Bank of America, museums can be free! Museums.BankofAmerica.com/
10. Stargazing. On a warm night, take a blanket outside and a bottle of wine and look at the stars. Research the constellations before going; giving you something to look for.
11. Go for a bike ride. Find a local trail, pack a lunch and spend the afternoon together.
12. Afternoon movie. Go to an afternoon movie; they tend to be less expensive and then you still have the rest of your night to do something else.
13. Get up early and go yard sailing together. Get moving earlier, stop and get coffee and shop the yard sales for treasures; you never know what you will find.
14. Go Swimming. Go to a local pool, clubhouse, or YMCA. After your swim, try the Jacuzzi.
15. Dinner and a movie? Pick up a bucket of fried chicken and head to the drive in movie theater! http://www.driveinmovie.com/mainmenu.htm
16. Bubble bath for two. Head to your local drug store, pick up some bubble bath, bath beads and some candles. And don’t forget the wine.
17. Go clubbing and get up close and personal with each other.
18. Try a local happy hour. Go during the week to break up the monotonous every day work week.
19. Go shopping. Take your husband shopping and try something sexy on for each other. You don’t have to buy anything; go to a department store, let your husband pick out a couple outfits for you and you pick some out for him and spend some time in the dressing room being silly.
20. Pull out your stilettos from the back of your closet, and then go sip fancy cocktails at a local hotel bar.
21. Paint pottery. This may not be real cheap but not too bad. You can create your own pottery and paint it as well.
22. Spend the morning together at your local coffee shop. This is a great time to really talk to each other without the everyday confusion. Get to know each other again.
23. Try ice skating. Go to a local frozen pond, or an indoor ice skating rink. Then warm up with some hot chocolate.
24. Indoor Climbing. Are you driving each other crazy? Instead, drive each other up a wall, literally and make it a competition!
25. Watch the sunrise together.

Remember whatever you do; just have fun and enjoy each other for as little as a half an hour or a couple hours. Make your time together count!

Oh yeah, and if after your date, you decide it is time to move on to bigger and better things; remember TSI for your big move!!