Why you can rely on TSI for your long distance move

TSI specializes in long distance small moves from a few items of furniture or boxes to a full apartment, condo or small house. We offer two ways for you to move long distance: WHITE GLOVE SHIPPING provides inside pickup and delivery of all belongings and items, or ECONOMY SERVICE which is a fast and more affordable option.

We’ve been completing long distance moves since 1989 — experience does count. Call for a price quote or click on our quote button to request a quote online.

Why you’ll save with TSI compared to other long distance moving companies

Many long distance moving companies charge you for the use of an entire moving truck, whether you need that much space or not! Or, they have a minimum weight charge for long distance moves. With TSI you don’t pay for empty space or unused weight allowances, and that means you save. TSI’s long distance moving service is perfect for a small long distance move or for shipping furniture or other large household items.

A two-man team of professional long distance movers will come inside to pick up and prepare items for long distance transport with our WHITE GLOVE SERVICE. A two-man moving team will also bring items inside at delivery. Please note: small items must already be in boxes.

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, choose our ECONOMY SERVICE which provides curbside pickup and delivery for all boxed, crated, or protected items. Please be aware you may be responsible for helping the driver load and unload heavy items from the truck during pickup and delivery.

TSI’s long distance moving service is perfect for moving a home, moving an apartment or condo, for many senior moves, and for moving items to or from storage. Our long distance moving service is also great for moving antiques, moving a dining room set, moving a bedroom set, or moving any other roomful of furniture long distance.

A long distance moving company for specialty items too

You can ship other specialty items long distances with TSI’s long distance moving service too. You can ship home exercise equipment, arcade games, antiques and more. Long distance moving prices are based on total weight and distance–call if you need assistance determining the weight of your items.

Our experience as a long distance mover means we will make your long distance move easier. Please call Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., or request a long distance moving quote online.

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Customer Reviews

Long Distance Moving
based on 53 customer reviews


First-Class Move from Nashville to Leverett John A. Jenkins on August 27, 2015
Crews at both ends were helpful, friendly, well-trained, and intelligent. Last-minute cancellation of their first scheduled delivery (failure to close on a house) resulted in a great deal of extra effort by the crew to get a house-full of furniture out of the way of ours. In the process, one table was left on the truck--located in transit when I reported it--and returned to Pittsburgh, promised to be fed-Ex shipped to us when we returned from two weeks' vacation. We have waited now two weeks for its arrival. If it does, it will complete a first-class move. If not, I will report it to you.

Moved from Arizona to Indiana Violet Sinclair on August 21, 2015
Driver was polite and brought everything in and stacked it.

Move from Seattle to Laguna Beach Molly E. on August 18, 2015
Everything went quite smoothly except the driver was not informed by TS that we lived up a steep, narrow hill that his truck couldn't make. We had to transport our items in our truck from TS truck down our street. TS told me they would inform the driver of the narrow conditions.

Moved from Maryland to Colorado Martina W. on August 11, 2015
I moved from Baltimore to Colorado Springs and this was the cheapest, and the best option for me. I was updated on the status of my belongings every step of the way. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Moved from Aurora to Sun City on Budget Deb R. on August 11, 2015
Both drivers who picked up and delivered were great. Tom and Isaac in Customer service were very helpful and knowledgeable. Cost of shipping my boxes was on target with my budget. Thanks so much for assisting me in my move from Illinois to Arizona….