Why you can ship your furniture out of state at a small price with TSI

When you choose TSI to transport your furniture, you’ll pay less because our minimum weight requirement is just 100 lbs. Other movers will charge you for 500 lbs. or more, even when the actual weight of your shipment is less than that. We’ll provide an exact furniture transport price based on the total weight of your furniture. It doesn’t matter how big or bulky your items are, it’s still a small move. So you won’t pay for a full truck.

Why you can count on your furniture arriving safely

We’ve been shipping furniture across the country since 1989.  If you choose our White Glove Service, a two-man furniture shipping crew will come inside at pickup, prepare your furniture for shipping out of state, and bring your furniture inside at delivery. Our experienced, professional crews ensure the most efficient and cost-effective furniture transport for you.

Transport furniture at an even smaller price

You can save on TSI furniture transport by preparing your items with bubble wrap and cardboard yourself and utilizing our Economy Service. Economy Service offers curbside pickup and delivery of all boxed and prepackaged items which allows us to offer fast service at a lower price! However, be aware that you may be required to help the driver load and unload heavy items from the truck during pickup and delivery.

Transport furniture by freight for the smallest possible price

We don’t recommend furniture transport by freight for everyone. You must box or crate the furniture and be prepared to help the driver load and unload. Unlike our White Glove Service, your items must be very, very securely packaged and ready for transport. Other furniture transport companies don’t always tell you that transport conditions sometimes aren’t ideal (i.e. road work, poor road conditions, etc.), so it’s better to be prepared by having your furniture well packed. If another carrier quotes a price that seems too low, be sure to have them explain their transport methods.

The best way to decide which furniture transport company to choose is to discuss it with a TSI furniture transport specialist. We’ll explain every component of your shipment, so you can make the best decision. There will be no hidden fuel surcharges or anything like that. The furniture transport price we quote for the service, weight and distance your items will travel is the furniture transport price you pay.

Please request call for a price quote or request an quote online.

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Buffet and Chairs from PA to TX Alicia M. on October 05, 2015
It was too expensive. If I had had more time, I would have looked for another carrier. It was hard to get someone to communicate with.

Tea Cart and Chairs from Milwaukee to St. Louis Patrick Kenney on September 11, 2015
Customer service was overall very good. People were very nice. There was some miscommunication about pick up week and I was supposed to get a call back about the delivery (after checking on status) but never did. It was not a big issue since there was no rush. Overall, good experience.

Executive Desk transported to San Jose, CA Karen M. on August 12, 2015
The communication was very limited. When I did receive correspondence, they were not accurate. I was told things were preparing to be picked up when they had already been picked up a week previous. I was told things would be delivered sooner than they were delivered. None of that was important to me however, It was just not professional not to get accurate information.

Crated Desk goes from Ohio to Arizona Gary Noble on August 11, 2015
Isaac with TSI was super helpful and his communication was great. The Kingman and Dewey Conway associates were more than helpful who helped me transfer the shipment to my van. Gary in Prescott, AZ

Architect Desk transported to Appleton, Wisconsin Bradley M. on May 06, 2015
You were the ONLY company to give me a quick quote with a knowledgeable person on the phone. Thank you!