Cheaper freight service rates without sacrificing good freight service.

We’re the freight service for people who want someone else to handle freight shipping paperwork and details. You don’t have to know about dimensions, freight classes, tariffs or after-delivery charges. All you need to know is the weight of the items you would like to ship.

About TSI freight services

When you’re shipping boxed or crated items, you can save with TSI’s low-cost freight service. With TSI’s freight service, items can be picked up from and delivered to residential and business locations. Freight service rates are based on the weight of the boxes or crates and distance of your freight shipment. You don’t even need to know freight service classes. We assign the proper class, thus eliminating freight service mistakes that others make. The freight shipping service rate we quote is the exact freight shipping service rate you’re charged, and we take care of all paperwork and follow-up.

TSI offers freight shipping service for almost any situation, including ground freight shipping service anywhere in the U.S. and international freight shipping service to most major cities around the globe. We also offer domestic and international air freight services.

We also offer moving service for unpacked items

If you can’t box or crate the item(s) being shipped, we offer a convenient moving service for shipping large unpacked items. Your shipment will be picked up by moving professionals, prepared for transport and delivered safely to the destination. (You may have to pack some of the smaller items). This service is perfect for shipping large furniture, shipping exercise equipment, shipping copiers and shipping many other items.

Call TSI, the specialist in freight shipping services, to discuss your freight service options or request a freight shipping quote online now for shipping boxed or crated items.

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based on 47 customer reviews


Josh was helpful Caleb M. on September 30, 2016
I was depending on the truck to show up at this date. I had to go rent a lift because it showed up a week later. No they did not contact me to let me know that I contacted them. Josh was very helpful. Thank you.

Shipped crated motorcycle and parts Steve N. on July 08, 2016
Everything as promised

Shipped Crated Item Vicki Moen on May 17, 2016
We packed and delivered to shipper as that was convenient for us. Delivery was to a relatively out of the way location, but arrived in a timely and safely to the door. All contact was personable and knowledgeable. I plan to use them again.

Shipment to Fort Wayne was good Gary L. on April 27, 2016
It was early and delivered to a loading bay because I couldn't meet where I shipped it to in time due to a car accident but was happy to pick it up there.

Shipped heavy cast iron stove Rick Klosterman on March 15, 2016
Asked for additional charge even though had plenty of information about shipment. Shipment was heavier than I estimated.