Why TSI is your best freight shipping choice for LTL (less-than-truckload) shipments
With TSI you get low-cost shipping of boxes, crates or pallet loads without freight company hassles. You don’t have to worry about dimensions, freight classes or tariffs. Our one-rate service eliminates many typical freight company hassles to make everything simpler. All you need to know is the weight of your shipment.

Fast and efficient, and NO hidden charges
We offer same-day or next-day pickup, fast, efficient transport and friendly knowledgeable service from our freight shipping pros. You get low freight shipping rates and a simple, easy process with no hassles, no hidden charges and no surprises. For example, other freight companies sometimes classify your shipment incorrectly. That can mean you get hit with after-delivery charges. But TSI is an FAK (freight of all kinds) shipper. That means one freight class and no rate mistakes.

You save more with TSI as your shipping freight company

Depending on what type of freight you’re shipping, TSI’s price is as much as 50% less than other carriers. You get cheap freight rates without sacrificing good freight service.

Best of all, we make freight shipping easier than other freight companies do. A TSI freight shipping specialist will clearly explain everything and provide an exact quote in minutes.

We also offer other shipping services. If you’re moving furniture from state to state and it isn’t boxed or crated, use our van line moving service. You can use it for shipping furniture as well as other large household items that aren’t boxed or crated. That’s one of the things that makes us unique among freight companies.

There’s no other freight company like TSI, so call or request a quote online now.

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based on 22 customer reviews


Shipped Rowing Equipment Dante Veneziale on April 06, 2016
Transit SYS. did a great job. Carol was there to help me when ever I needed it. Yellow Freight delivered my box's to another customer, he called me to see If I had his. When the freight company picked my boxes I picked them as we planned.

Freight shipments to California Nathan Chefetz on February 19, 2016
Josh is top notch and does a lot of things most wouldn't do when coordinating shipments for my company.

Shipment from Los Angeles to Atlanta John Winckler on November 29, 2015
Flawless transaction. Thank you! item was dropped off at loading dock and shipped with no damage and arrived early. Couldn't be happier. Driver was courteous and knowledgeable of the area

Shipped heavy drill press from New Jersey to South Carolina Maryann R. on November 11, 2015
Susan was EXTREMELY helpful in arranging things ... particularly in giving us a limited time window for the pick-up. The pick-up and delivery company (Rick Ships) was also EXTREMELY helpful and nice.

Friendly delivery on shipment from California Gayle Madsen on October 23, 2015
I felt doing my own drop off to the freight company was good. My daughter, the recipient, found the guys to be friendly, even when she was not home the first time and they came back the next day.