Can We Ship A Kayak? Yes We Can!

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To make kayaking more of an adventure on the water rather than an adventure getting there, call Transit Systems. Transit Systems can ship your kayak to any long distance location of your choice. Below are a couple of helpful hints in preparing your kayak for shipping:

• Figure out the weight of your kayak. To do this you will need the length, width and height. Be sure to measure to the farthest point to get a more accurate calculation. Use the following formula – {(L x W x H)/194}. You can also measure the weight on a bathroom scale by subtracting your weight from the total. You will need this weight to determine the cost to ship. Read More

Glad to Find TSI

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“Never had the need for a service like this, but glad I found your company! Works out well for someone who does not have access to shipping, great for helping out residential customers.”
Rick, Flower Mound, TX, Aug 16, 2012

How Do I Lift Heavy Boxes Without Hurting Myself?

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Moving Heavy Boxes

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• When the box is heavy, be sure to use the proper techniques. First squat down next to it, hold it close to you, ideally between your waist and shoulders. Bend your legs and tighten your stomach muscles, so you do not put any type of pressure on your back. Before you lift the box, raise it up to test how heavy it is and make sure you don’t strain you back. (Don’t do what the man in the photo above is doing!)

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Tips For Picking the Perfect Professional Mover

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Transit Systems is your choice for moving, but don’t take our word for it. Read our Customer Reviews to see what our clients say about us. Also, check out these tips for moving and see how we help you with your next move!

• Check on Angie’s List – If you’re a member, this is a no-brainer! Angie’s List is an ideal place to read reviews from others who are also members and have used different moving and shipping companies. These are reviews you can trust.

• Do Initial Research– Send out emails to your friends looking for recommendations or warnings about moving companies. Update your status on Facebook; tell your friends you are moving and see what they say. If you are interested in a Mover, check their Facebook page and see what people are saying about them. The Better Business Bureau is another great place to do some research.

Get Multiple Quotes – Most movers, just like TSI, offer Free Quotes, therefore it can’t hurt to get more than one quote to get an average on what you should expect to spend.

Be Upfront About What You Plan to Move – Movers base their pricing both on weight and distance. If you can, weigh your boxes on a scale at home, you can get a more accurate price. The truck will be weighed so you could be charged a higher price if you are not honest about what you plan to move.

Get Insurance – TSI offers up to $1000 worth of free insurance. Be sure to ask your movers about insurance for your items. If your mover does not insure your items, you may be able to get your items insured through your homeowners insurance.

The Contract – Make sure you understand and fully read the “bill of lading.” Ask a question if there is something you don’t understand; your mover will be happy to explain it to you.

Make Sure You Have all Your Inventory – As soon as your things have been delivered, do an inventory check. It will be easier to find something that was lost if the movers are notified early.

Good luck with your move! See you on moving day!

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Five Star Shipping

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“Telephone correspondence was prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. Pick-up and delivery was right on time. Fees were reasonable. I will use your shipping service again as needed, and not hesitate to recommend it to others.”
Ted G, Phoenix, AZ Aug 6, 2012

Church Ships Choir Stalls with Transit Systems

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When TSI was contacted by the Norbertine Sisters at the Carmel of Mary in North Dakota, we were happy we could get the job done.

Sister Margaret Mary was full of praise for us after we shipped a number of Choir Stalls, we felt a strong sense of accomplishment for getting the job done right. Not only are these amazing handcrafted pieces of woodwork, but they serve a higher purpose too!

Thanks to everyone at Carmel of Mary for allowing us the opportunity to help out, and we look forward to helping others in the future. [popup url=”” width=”650″ height=”650″]Read their note to us[/popup], this makes it even more worthwhile.

Moving: The COOL Thing To Do

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•Remember to hydrate yourself; it is one of the best ways to keep your body cool. Keeping cool is not just about being comfortable, it’s about being safe. Moving stress can increase chances of heat exhaustion.

•Wrap your sofa and other fabric-covered furniture in plastic to keep the movers from sweating all over it. Read More

TSI Likes Facebook. Do You “Like” TSI on Facebook?

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Facebook, however, was uncharted territory up until recently. Very quickly we learned that Facebook is an increasingly preferred method of communication among all generations, and a must have if we want to expand our business. Our response? We created a Facebook fan page!

Why become our fan? By becoming a TSI fan, you become part of a community that makes moving fun! You can:

  • Receive special deals—TSI will provide special deals to Facebook fans only!

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De-Stressing Your Move

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Since we can’t put our lives on hold to get it all done, moving can be very stressful, but it does not have to be. Utilizing the following tips will help make your move more enjoyable.

What to do?

First, create a “to do” list. Remember to include the following: booking a moving service, buying packing materials, filing your change of address form, and making arrangements for pets. In addition to work, daily housework, weekly chores, and errands, you may feel flustered by these additional tasks, but getting organized in a schedule can help relieve the clutter in your brain. Create a weekly schedule to include tasks from your list. At the beginning of each week, review your schedule and stick to it! Read More

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