Top 5 LTL Freight Myths

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If you believe some of the misconceptions about LTL shipping, you may end up very frustrated or, at the least, paying more than you should to ship your items this way. We want you to know the truth about LTL shipping so you can make an informed decision about using this option — as well as Transit Systems, Inc. — for your freight shipping.


Myth 1: LTL Pickup, Delivery and Transit Times Are Guaranteed

Reputable LTL carriers do not guarantee pickup or delivery times — they provide a time frame for picking up and delivering your items. Read More

Top Myths About Air Freight Shipping

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Are you planning a small, long-distance move? While it is not commonly used, we do offer an air shipping service. This option tends to be the choice of customers needing to move something quickly or those shipping large crates containing fragile or valuable items. If, after learning the facts and fictions about this method, you determine that air shipping is your best option, please contact TSI for an air freight price quote.

myths-air-freightAnything Can Be Shipped by Air: Fact or Fiction?
This is fiction. Because the size of the plane dictates its weight and size requirements, some items (such as large pieces of furniture) may be too large and/or too heavy to ship by air. Read More

The Cost Of Shipping Pieces Together vs. Individually

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Should I Ship Living Room Furniture One Item at a Time or All Together?

We field questions like this all the time. When people are moving, they often think it would be less expensive to ship each piece of furniture separately via a parcel shipper than to pay for a truck to haul everything.


Usually, the opposite is true. When it comes to shipping living room furniture or other household items, the most cost-effective method of shipping is to use an LTL (less-than-truckload) freight shipper. Here is a quick overview: Read More

How To Ship A Treadmill Or Elliptical

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We ship treadmills and elliptical machines for businesses, homeowners and renters practically on a daily basis, so we’ve learned the ins and outs of transporting these challenging items! In this article, we’ll provide several pointers to make the job easier and safer, and to help make sure you can resume your exercise routine immediately and seamlessly when your exercise equipment reaches its destination.

shipping-ellipticalTo ship a treadmill or ship an elliptical, a great deal of care must go into the preparation and selection of a freight carrier. These machines are relatively heavy (they can weigh several hundred pounds), are odd-shaped, and can be damaged if subjected to impact in shipment and handling. Read More

How To Ship A Xerox Machine — 3 Things To Avoid

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If you are shipping a printer or copy machine, be sure not to copy the three big mistakes a lot of people make. Although large and heavy, copy machines and printers are delicate instruments that can easily be damaged if they are not properly prepared for shipment, or if the wrong type of carrier is selected. In this article, we’ll take a look at three common mistakes people make when shipping a printer or Xerox machine, and how to do the job correctly.

xeroxMistake 1 — Not Removing the Ink Cartridges

Whether you are shipping your copy machine across town or across the country, removing the ink cartridges is extremely important, for both inkjet printers and laser printers. If cartridges are jostled in shipment or during handling, they can be damaged, or leak and cause damage to other components. Read More

How To Ship An Exercise Bicycle

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Shipping an Exercise Bike the Right Way

If you are looking for the best way to ship an exercise bicycle, this article provides detailed advice that will help you make sure your item gets to its destination in the same condition as when you shipped it.


Our tips for how to ship an exercise bicycle are based on our decades of experience shipping these items and other heavy, awkward items. By the way, if you have questions about other hard-to-move items such as pianos, entertainment centers, heavy appliances, etc., check out our Transit Systems Blog. Our blog posts contain tons of information that will help you do the job correctly. Read More

What To Consider When Shipping Free Weights

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Best Shipping Free Weights Practices

If you have to ship free weights — weight plates, dumbbells, barbells, etc. — you may have a number of questions. In this article, we will provide answers! If you have questions about shipping other heavy, hard-to-handle items, please check out the Transit Systems Blog, where you will find a wealth of information on everything from pianos to refrigerators.


Do free weights need to be palletized?

One of the top considerations when shipping free weights is whether to palletize them. Ultimately, the LTL (less-than-truckload) shipper you select for the job is in the best position to answer the question. Read More

Things To Consider When Moving Your Home Gym

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Tips for Shipping a Home Gym

shipping-home-gymIf you DON’T follow best practices for shipping a home gym, there’s good news and bad news.

The good news — you’ll get the best workout of your life.

The bad news — you’ll probably wind up having to replace a lot of your home gym equipment. Read More

How To Ship An Office Conference Table

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Most conference room tables are large and heavy, and depending on their design, they may be quite bulky as well. Tabletops may be fragile, especially granite or glass tops. For these reasons, conference room tables are rarely moved. However, if you’re relocating your office, you don’t want to leave your expensive conference room table behind. Read below to learn how to ship a large table while protecting your office furniture investment.

Furniture Shipping Services


Transit Systems, Inc. (TSI) makes furniture shipping easy — whether you’re relocating across the street or across the country. Read More

What To Consider When Relocating Offices

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An office move is an experience that ranges from exciting to nightmarish, depending on how well you prepare. Relocating offices is an extraordinary event — and a challenge, in large part because the office manager and the rest of the staff usually don’t have much, if any, experience in handling the job. This leaves the door open for mistakes and oversights that can be mildly irritating or catastrophic. In this article, we’ll take a look at important bases to cover so your office move scores a home run.

relocating-officeSelecting the New Location

Preparing for a move really starts months in advance, when the on-staff project team (make sure you put someone in charge) selects the new location. Important items to consider: Read More

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