How to Fit the Right Furniture in Your Living Space

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Purchasing new furniture is fun and exciting and you can look forward to sitting on a bunch of couches and chairs all day deciding which one will be the perfect one to watch your favorite show on or read your book. But there is more to it than comfort – you need to make sure you have the room for the furniture and that it fits with the style of your home.

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We have created a list of steps to follow if you’re purchasing new furniture for your home. They don’t need to be followed exactly, but we do recommend you keep them all in mind before going shopping!

1. Measure – This may seem like an obvious place to start but sometimes the most obvious things are exactly what we forget. Take out your measuring tape (or if you don’t have one, your yard stick) and measure the size of your room – keeping in mind the size of the wall you plan on putting each piece will help you pick which furniture pieces are viable options. Read More

Outdoor Furniture Cleaning Tips

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Patio cushions
Basic solution recipe:
- 1 teaspoon dishwashing detergent
- 1 quart warm water
- 1 tablespoon borax

You will need a bucket, a sponge and a pair of gloves (optional, but recommended). If you have an empty spray bottle fill it with the cleaning solution and spray your cushions. If you can’t find a spray bottle, then take a sponge and thoroughly wipe the cushions. Let stand for about 15 minutes then take a hose and spray the cushions. Allow cushions to dry outside in the sunshine. Once dry, shake or vacuum the excess dirt off. Read More

Happy Easter

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For many of us, this weekend means colored eggs, chocolate bunnies and lots of time spent with family. Easter represents the beginning of spring – pastel colors, short sleeves and open toe shoes. For the children it represents playing outside, Easter egg hunts and lots and lots of chocolate. And for those of us Christians it is a very religious, glorious day.

From all of us here at Transit Systems, your friendly long distance, small moving and shipping company we would like to wish you a Happy Easter!

Here is the link to our Pinterest page with lots of great recipes, Easter crafts and much more! Read More

How to Remove the Stink from Your Home

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Below are some great, easy tips to get rid of the nasty smells that might be lingering in your house.

• You know the strong odor that comes with cooking something like cabbage or fish, or cleaning your oven or having a sick pet—to get rid of the smell try placing a bowl of vinegar in the affected area. The vinegar will absorb most of the smell.

• Baking soda is great for pulling the smell out of fabrics. Whether that fabric is your mattress, carpet or even your drapes, try pouring baking soda on the wet stain (from urine, vomit, gas, etc.) after you’ve blotted it and tried to remove as much of the liquid as possible. Let the baking soda sit until it is dry (turn a fan on or open a few windows) and then vacuum the baking soda up. This should remove most of the smell, if not all of it. Read More

Tips for Storing Seasonal Clothes

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For those of us in the northeast, we have had too many single digit degree days to count along with enough snow to last us a life time, which means we are more than ready to see and feel the warmth of the sun!

Along with spending as much time outside as possible, springtime is the time to do your seasonal clothing switch. It may not be shorts weather quite yet, but it is definitely time to put away your winter sweaters, snow gear, boots, gloves and hats. And if you don’t have short sleeve shirts out yet, hop to it!

Here are some tips for storing your winter clothes:

Wash your winter clothes before you put them away. Remember to take all of your fragile or dry-clean only winter wear to the local cleaner (i.e. winter dresses, dress shirts, sweaters). Also, if you see small stains on clothing take care of it before storing because stains will be much harder to get out 6 months from now. Plus, the odor from non-cleaned clothes can attract moths! Read More

Save Yourself Time and Stress and Ship Your Car

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Why do people ship their automobiles? Antique cars, kids college car, commercial reasons (dealer relocation), buying a new car from another state, moving, and for those of us that vacation in a warmer climate, shipping an automobile can be very helpful.

What are the main reasons that it makes more sense to ship? The first thing you think of when shipping a car is to keep the miles and wear and tear off your car. Read More

How to Host a Moving Party for Yourself

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Here are some tips to make your party an easy, no-mess affair:

Buy throw away plates, cups, utensils, etc. – You really can’t have a party without food and drinks, which means dishes right? Wrong! Head to the dollar store and get your favorite party supplies and all you need to do is trash everything when the party is over. And if you want to get fancy, check out this website for “Good Bye” plates and napkins.

Take-out food is best – Don’t take the time to attempt to cook in your already packed kitchen. One last day of your favorite local pizza place sounds perfect, and don’t forget to order your favorite sandwiches. Read More

Moving Tips for Shipping Sentimental Items

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Transit Systems does everything in our power to find the lost boxes and other items—especially if the items within those boxes are important documents, like your grandmother’s recipes that you planned on using to start up a new restaurant. We want to make sure that this tragic incident never happens to you, so here are some great tips on what to do before you ship your valuable items.

Fragile valuable items – These items should be kept in your own vehicle. This is the best place to keep a close eye on your items. If you are unable to transport these boxes on your own, than talk to your movers about the best way to wrap and pack your boxes. After the boxes have been packed well, clearly mark ‘FRAGILE’ on every box. Movers are careful with your boxes but there will be items stacked on top, so if they know they are fragile they will place them on top of other boxes rather than at the bottom of the pile.

Photos – For a box of photo albums, Read More

Can We Ship a Pallet? Yes We Can!

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Are you looking to ship a pallet for the first time? Maybe you aren’t sure how to fill out all of the paper work, or you have questions about pricing and shipping preparations. Well, Transit Systems is your solution! We do not require you to know which freight class your pallet is in and there are no bills of lading to fill out. Since we’re the experts you can leave those details to us! Call for a quote and when you are ready to book, we can take care of it all without you having to worry about a thing.

Transit Systems is an industry leading less-than truckload shipping company that has been shipping pallets for over 20 years. Read More

How to Be a Good House Guest

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First off, arrive on time. People’s time is limited, if they are expecting you at 4PM then be there at 4PM. If you are late, you could keep them from running an errand, or they might have re-arranged their schedule to greet you and if you don’t show up on time that could get things off to a bad start. If there is no way to prevent being late, than be sure to send a message to let them know!

Second, keep your room or area neat. The last thing your friend or family member needs is someone else in their house making a mess. If you are naturally a messy person, then keep your mess to a corner, a closet or a specific area in their home – I am sure they can deal with a messy area for a few days, but a messy house is unacceptable. And, be sure to clean up after yourself. Read More

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