Get to Know Transit Systems

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Meet Kathy Temple, one of Transit Systems’ veteran Customer Service Representatives.

Kathy has been with Transit Systems since 2004, when the company was an up and coming company with only ten employees. Today, Transit Systems is made up of multiple departments and many more wonderful people. Read More

Should You Pack Differently For A Winter Move?

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Truck rental costs and other moving fees can be at their lowest in winter, which means that if you don’t mind moving during the school year, a winter move could be a great opportunity. It’s important to keep in mind that you’ll need different packing preparations and techniques for a winter move, however. Whether you’re planning an all-professional move, hiring select professional services (such as white glove shipping for antiques, or bedroom furniture shipping services for bulky bedsteads), or planning a chiefly DIY venture, preparation is key. Here are some packing tips that cover preparing, protecting, and loading your items safely and effectively to help ensure a successful winter move.

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Best Ways To Pack Electrical Equipment

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Thousands of Americans move every year, and at least 84 percent of them have computers in their homes, while the percentage of households with gaming devices is also around 80 percent. The chances are high that you will have to deal with moving electrical devices each time you move. Even if you’re not moving this year, you may have a related challenge, such as trying to safely ship your college kid’s TV halfway across the country. Here are some tips to help you effectively pack your electronics and safely manage these fragile devices on moving day.

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You Will Pay A Lot More If You Underestimate Your Household Moving Job

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Nobody likes unpleasant surprises during bedroom moving or complete household shipping, especially when those surprises involve moving costs!

When getting estimates on their household shipping jobs, people frequently underestimate the amount of stuff they have or the difficulty of moving the items. This can easily result in significant unexpected charges and delays.

Give Me Some Space!

Underestimating space requirements is an easy mistake to make, since the average person is a bit fuzzy on how much space a moving trailer has, and how much space their items will take up. So the first — and biggest — problem to avoid is telling the moving company you have, say, half a truckload of items. Then on moving day, it’s discovered that you need a truck and a half. Extra moving costs are racked up quickly now:

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Don’t Make These Costly Freight Shipping Mistakes

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Freight shipping is expensive enough without adding to the cost by making avoidable mistakes! Even experienced shippers routinely shoot themselves in the foot by committing these shipping mistakes, so please review this checklist. It will help you make your shipment on time at the lowest possible cost.


Costly Shipping Mistakes: A Checklist

1. Weigh accurately. Don’t guestimate the weight of your shipment. Instead, weigh it or determine its weight by checking with the manufacturer or retailer. Your LTL (less-than-truckload) freight carrier will re-weigh the item, and sometimes charge extra if there is a difference. Read More

Freight Logistics And Market Trends

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Freight Shipping Logistics And Market Trends

The freight logistics industry is growing, changing and adapting at a fast and furious rate — because it has to. The first step in gaining freight logistics insight is to get a sense of the factors around freight shipping logistics that are having such an impact on the business.


The World Is Changing, and So Is Freight Logistics

Among the significant market trends affecting the logistics industry: Read More

Ways To Expedite Freight Shipping

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Customers always want to maintain the lowest possible freight shipping costs, but when a rush shipment rears its ugly head, customers often experience extreme sticker shock when they investigate freight shipping quotes.


Expedited freight shipments need not be a budget-buster, however. There are things you can do as a shipper to reduce the expense, getting your item to its destination on time at a reasonable price. Here are the most important steps you can take. Read More

The Future Of Freight Shipping In 2017 And Beyond

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The freight shipping industry has a tough road ahead in 2017, but there is reason to think the next several years could bring relief. In this article, we’ll take a look at the big challenges for the upcoming few years and how they will affect freight shipping best practices.

future-freight-shipping-2017The Big Unknown: The Economy

The health of the freight shipping industry is largely dependent on a robust economy, which fuels growth for the entire transportation industry. At the time of this writing, macroeconomic forecasting is practically impossible, given the numerous and far-reaching issues that are very much unsettled. Read More

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