How to Properly Pack Your Boxes

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Understanding how to properly pack a box is not nearly as simple as people think, and how you pack them makes all the difference in the world. No matter how careful movers are with your items if your boxes aren’t properly packed items may still arrive damaged!

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The first step is to group items of similar size and weight. Try not to put unlike items in the same box (this also makes it easier once you try to unpack your boxes). For example, keep pots and pans in one box and your frames and photos in another.

Wrap any items that you want to protect from breaking or water damage. Books should be wrapped in plastic bags that seal (this also protects photos and paintings). Kitchen items that are breakable can be wrapped in extra kitchen towels, or small blankets. Bubble wrap can be used as well.

Layer the box with extra bubble wrap and packing peanuts. If you do not have access to packing peanuts or bubble wrap use other items you might have to fill the unfilled space, like old newspapers. This prevents your items from moving around in the box during transport. Keep in mind that heavier items should be on the bottom. Read More

Tips for Moving Toys

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We have the tips you are looking for to handle the many toys that you have in your garage, attic and closets throughout the house.

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The first step is to “donate, sell or trash.” Keep in mind that these are your child’s toys and some may be their favorite or one that has special meaning to them – don’t get rid of those. Use your best judgment, because you know your kid best. If you think that they will play with it in the near future or maybe you have a niece or nephew that might like it or a friend’s child than keep it. If you think they have completely outgrown the toy and they never really liked it anyways than sell or donate it.

There are so many moms out there looking for used toys and willing to pay a fellow mom rather than full retail price – so try that first. Also, donating to a local family in need is a great thing to do as well. If you don’t want to drive around and drop items off, the local veterans are willing to come pick up your items. Schedule your pick up here . Read More

New Job? How to Make an Impact during Meetings

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If you’re just starting a new job it’s easy to be intimidated. And, for many this means you retract into your shell and don’t say much. But you need to make a good impression right? Do so by pushing yourself to engage in conversation, especially during meetings. In fact, the worst thing a new employee can do is sit silently through hours of training sessions and meetings—don’t use the excuse that “you’re trying to soak it all up.”
Impress your new boss (and even your boss’s boss!) by engaging in discussions, sharing thoughtful insights and having the confidence to share ideas! Instead of looking at your lack of experience (or knowledge) as a bad thing, see it as a strength—your “outsider” opinions may be just what the meeting needs to crack open the next new, great idea!

Do your homework— come prepared. Spend an hour or two preparing notes for upcoming meetings, whether it’s a one on one with your boss or a brainstorming session with upper management. Try to form opinions on the topic(s) of discussion, or at least come up with some potential talking points you find pertinent and interesting. Alternately, if you’re completely unfamiliar with the topic being discussed do some research so you’re not walking into the meeting completely unprepared! *TIP— If your boss sends an ambiguous e-mail requesting your presence at a meeting without sharing an agenda or topic of discussion, simply reply and ask what will be discussed so you can prepare accordingly. Then, you can make a list of ideas for yourself which might springboard your engagement in the discussion. Read More

DIY Outdoor Curtain

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Whether you are looking for a bit of shade or a little color in your outdoor living space, a colorful outdoor curtain is your answer.

What you will need:

• Drop Cloth
• Painters Tape
• Sewing Machine
• Spray Paint

This is actually quite simple. You will need a drop cloth which you can find at a local home improvement store or fabric store – do some shopping for the best price.

Pick out some colors you want to add to the cloth – most likely something that will match your outdoor furniture and will add a pop of color. Read More

Tips for Shipping Books

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Use the following tips to safely ship your books so they have a much better chance of showing up looking the way that they left!

Clean your books. Books are notorious dust collectors. Before you pack books take the opportunity to clean them. You can use a paper towel with a little Windex on it or simply use a slightly damp dishtowel (or paper towel).

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Protect your books. Water can damage the pages as well as the hard or soft cover. Prevent leaks and water damage by using a plastic bag to protect your books. Make sure the bags are properly sealed (I recommend that you use tape).

You can also use a padded envelope to protect paperback and more fragile books – this will protect them from getting bent and will also help prevent water damage too.

Use a box that the books fit into. Any extra space that is in the box leaves room for things getting smashed and thrown around, so fill the box completely to the top but don’t make it too heavy. Use bubble wrap to fill any extra space. Read More

Places in Your Home You Should Clean More Often

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Cleaning isn’t many people’s favorite thing to do, but it is a necessity for every home. A great way to stay on top of the process is by doing smaller cleaning tasks every week– vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms and kitchens, dusting—and more labor intensive cleaning jobs, like scrubbing the floors, every two weeks. But, what about those places that most people tend to forget? Let’s take a look at the places you should be cleaning, but you probably aren’t…

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Washer & Dryer
You may think that you wash your clothes a few times a week with detergent so why is there any need to clean the washer and dryer? Believe me, there is. Dirt piles up in there (it’s even possible for mildew to start forming which will make your clothes smell), so every 3 or 4 months give your washer and dryer a good clean!

Hopefully you are vacuuming your carpets at least once a week (if not more). You may think that vacuuming every which way will remove all of the grime and dirt. But, in high traffic areas and other areas where you have to use stain or spot remover it’s a great idea to actually wash the carpets! Read More

Tips for Remembering Your Old Home

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If you’re moving to a new, bigger and better house a part of you may feel sad to say good bye to the old one! It’s also very common for young kids to have strong feelings about leaving their current home – some people just don’t do well with change, even if it is for the better. If you or your child is having a hard time here are some ways to make the transition easier.

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Take Photos

It may seem like common sense to take photos of the home before you leave, but if you are ready to get rid of your current home it may not seem obvious to take memorabilia photos. Take photos of the master bedroom, closet, staircase, play room, etc. This will help you and/or your child remember the home, and in turn, remember all of the great memories you made there!

Blog About it

Whether you have a blog or feel like starting a blog this is a great way to remember the time in your old home. Read More

How to Improve Your Car’s Gas Mileage and Save Money

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So unless you’re going to buy an electric or hybrid car you should take some time to consider how you can continue to drive affordably. How you can offset extra fuel expenses? If you drive a gas powered car, pay attention to these fuel-saving tips!

Check Tires

This is an easy fix! Make sure your tires are properly inflated. When tires are low on pressure, your gas mileage suffers because under-inflated tires have more rolling resistance. This means your engine has to work harder to keep the car in motion. Keep an eye on tire pressure every few weeks, this fix requires minimal effort.

Change Spark Plugs

Keeping your engine running smoothly and getting the most from the gas you’re burning is important. The less fuel wasted the better. One way to do this is to change and/or clean your spark plugs often – that doesn’t mean every month, but once every other year makes sense, or every 35,000 miles driven. Read More

How to Handle Your Neighbors – Part 2

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Making friends in the neighborhood, sharing exciting new toys with them, and staying out late on a summer night are all parts of growing up. But, while you want to help your kids make lasting memories you’d like to keep them away from the bad influences.

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Do you ask yourself “how involved should I be in my child’s socializing?” Do you need to watch them at every moment and help them sort through their problems or do you let them handle it all on their own?

There is some value in letting kids sort out their own issues with other kids. HOWEVER, kids (especially the younger ones) need the guidance of their parent or guardian to get through some tricky situations.

Kids are like a sponge, absorbing everything they see and hear on a daily basis, so as parents we should be monitoring what they are exposed to (and thus absorbing). Read More

Tips for Choosing a Townhouse or a Single Family Home

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Each of these has pros and cons, so to help you make a great decision we have outlined the good (and the bad) for you!

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Pros of a Townhouse

More social – Living in a townhouse community provides you with an instant neighborhood with plenty of neighbors and children to boot! There will always be someone nearby to ‘borrow a cup of milk’ from or a child to play with your kids.
Less outdoor maintenance – Someone will cut your grass, plow your driveway and take care of all the outside maintenance on your house (although for a price—SEE BELOW).
Clubhouse & pool – Many townhouses include a pool and the rental of a clubhouse for parties. Read More

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