Must Have Items for Adopting a Dog

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The only thing with dogs is that they can reek havoc on your home, which is why following these tips will help keep your space damage free.

1. Purchase a crate or kennel. A crate gives your dog the secure space that it needs. It is a place for the dog to retreat to and take a nap or stretch. The crate should be large enough for your dog to stretch. It is also a great way to keep your house in tact while you are at work all day – dogs need to stretch and move around just like us, so make sure that the crate is big enough!.

2. House-training pads. There are pads that are made for when you are potty-training dogs. They are placed by your door with a detectable scent on the pad that usually attracts your dog to go to the bathroom. These are not 100% but they work well. You can buy these at any local pet store.

3. Furniture and carpet protectant. Before you bring your dog home, spray Scotchguard (or another furniture protectant) on your clean couch, love seat, chair and carpets. This will help protect them from odors and ‘accidents.’ Read More

Terms You Need to Understand When Buying a New Home

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We put together some terms (in alphabetical order) you will need to understand when buying a home to make it easier for you.


Agreeing to the terms of an offer, thereby creating a contract. This happens when the seller and the buyer agree on the selling price of the house. Once this has happens, neither the buyer nor the seller can back out without facing consequences.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

A yearly interest rate that includes upfront fees and costs paid to acquire the loan. Mortgage lenders are required to disclose the APR so the buyer can accurately calculate and compare the cost of different loans – rates may vary with different lenders. Read More

How to Move Your Plants

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Before you start to move plants you want to make sure that they are watered very well so they have moisture to draw on throughout the relocation – this is especially important if you’re doing this work in the summer when plants are extra dry from the warm temperatures.

Next, get a pot (proportional to the size of the plant) and fill it with dirt/potting soil. Dig a small hole in the center that you can set the plant in—this pot will protect the plant and roots during transit. After the pot is ready you must prepare for the actual task of uprooting your plants, which can be tricky – you don’t want to damage the roots and in turn kill the plants.

Using a sharp shovel, dig around the plant in a circle, leaving as much dirt as you can around the root ball. Wrap the root ball in a damp burlap sack and place it in your prepared pot.

**When digging the circle around the root, measure about one vertical foot from the base of the stalk or trunk. Then, measure the diameter of the stalk or trunk in inches and multiply by 18. This is how big the root ball should be.

Once your plants are ready for transit you will need to secure them in the moving truck. Read More

College List of the Essential Items to Bring

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We want to help you help yourself or your child prepare for freshman year with all of the “must have” tips. Below we have a well-organized list that you should really print out and cross off as you pack!

Cooking / Eating Items

• Mini Refrigerator
• Microwave
• Coffee maker – Keurig is a great option, one cup, since it is just you. Don’t forget coffee and filters if needed.
• Travel Coffee mugs
• Paper plates, and utensils
• Can opener
• Water bottles
• Cleaning items – paper towels, Clorox, and a vacuum

Bedding Supplies

• Sheets
• Comforter
• Mattress pad is a must! Read More

Moving Expenses that You Should Know About

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To start the moving process you usually start online – price checking with moving companies. Most companies will offer you a free quote. This will give you an approximate charge, but there are things that they might not tell you (either they honestly forgot to mention it or they are hidden fees).

Extra Weight – Many moving companies base their quote on the weight of the shipment, but if they do it over the phone than they are relying on your estimate to build a quote. If they pick up the items and they appear to be much more than stated on the phone than the company will issue a re-weigh causing your price to go up by a good amount of money depending on how much you were off by.

Stairs – Be upfront with your moving company about stairs. If you neglect to tell the moving company that you live on the 5th floor and their isn’t an elevator, they may charge you as much as $50- $75 per flight of stairs. Read More

How to Not Get Emotionally Attached While House Hunting

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Just like with life, no one (or house) is perfect, sometimes you need to settle. You may find your ‘dream‘ home that has absolutely everything you are looking for but it is in the wrong school district – which as parents know is very important. Or maybe you find the right house but it is out of your price range. Whatever it may be, house hunting can take a toll on your emotions, which is why we want to help.

When you start house hunting you need to go into with an open mind. You may want to stay in a specific area but try to be open to nearby locations that may have more of what you are looking for. Read More

College Move in Day

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But on the bright side, fall is an excellent time of the year, with great weather to look forward to and so many fun things to do – apple picking, pumpkin patches, and holidays right around the corner.

For those of you starting college in a few weeks or for the many of you returning to college, we have a few reminders for you. Below is a list of things you should bring to school.

Tools – you never know when you will need a screw driver, hammer or nail. For those of you who do not have one, ask your dad to put together a small tool box for you to bring.

Cleaning Supplies – Even if you never picked up a sponge your whole life, now is the time. You can’t (or shouldn’t) go the whole school year without ever dusting, vacuuming or cleaning your room – especially the bathrooms, yuck! Purchase a cleaning bucket, and fill it with Windex, Mr. Clean, a duster, sponge, paper towels and pick up a small vacuum. You should be good to go! Read More

Transit Systems Top Moving Tips

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Color Coordinate. This may sound complicated but it will be well worth it on moving day. Designate each room with a color (get colored sticker dots and place them on the doors or walls!) and whenever a box, storage container, piece of furniture, etc. needs to go into that room you know where it has to go because of the coordinating sticker on the box. Besides colored stickers you can also use colored duct tape or if you have kids, actually let them color the boxes with a marker. Whatever works best for your family and then make sure everyone is aware of what color goes where.

Buy extra supplies. Check with the store that you bought your supplies but most places will let you return unused boxes, tape, bubble wrap, etc. It is so much easier to have extra supplies than to have to run out to the store right in the middle of your packing. This is especially helpful for moms – no mom wants to keep throwing the kids in the car to run to the store. Read More

How to Clean Hard Wood Floors

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However, hardwood floors do require upkeep which you have to keep in mind. They should be dusted and vacuumed at least once a week— maybe more if you have pets or kids! You can use anything from a Swiffer duster (my personal favorite) to a regular mop with a dusting cloth attached – you just need something that will pick up dust, dirt and pet hair. Once you’re done dusting, it’s not a bad idea to run a vacuum over your floors to make sure you’ve picked up all of the crumbs (but make sure your vacuum doesn’t scratch the floor).

Dusting and vacuuming the floor is great for a quick fix, but hardwood floors need a deep cleaning every few months, most often in the spring and fall (this can also be done whenever you see fit, like after a snowstorm!) Dirt, oil and grime start to build up over time and these things can settle in the cracks of the wood. To avoid dirty floors simply go to your local grocery store and purchase a cleaner made specifically for hard wood floors. Follow the instructions on the bottle when adding water. Once you’re ready to get the mop out don’t saturate the mop too much—water is not good for hardwood floors. Read More

Can We Ship a Den? Yes We Can!

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Every first Friday of the month we like to write our “Can We Ship it” series and this month we want to let you know that we can help ship your den furniture!

Your den may include furniture items such as a desk, desk chair, your ‘library’ books and the shelf that you keep them on, and maybe even a big-screen television – whatever you may have in there we can ship, as long as it isn’t alive or food! So unfortunately we cannot ship your dog who spends all of his time in your den or those snack you have hidden in your drawer, but we can ship everything else! Read More

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