You Will Pay A Lot More If You Underestimate Your Household Moving Job

Posted by Carolyn Goettsch on

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises during bedroom moving or complete household shipping, especially when those surprises involve moving costs!

When getting estimates on their household shipping jobs, people frequently underestimate the amount of stuff they have or the difficulty of moving the items. This can easily result in significant unexpected charges and delays.

Give Me Some Space!

Underestimating space requirements is an easy mistake to make, since the average person is a bit fuzzy on how much space a moving trailer has, and how much space their items will take up. So the first — and biggest — problem to avoid is telling the moving company you have, say, half a truckload of items. Then on moving day, it’s discovered that you need a truck and a half. Extra moving costs are racked up quickly now:

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