Furniture Delivery – Preparing Your Fragile Items for Shipment

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Moving is a task that often gives one nightmares about all of the things that could go wrong, especially if there are treasured and fragile items involved. When it comes to shipping fragile items, relying on just any mover or shipper will not do. Although the goal is to get them moved from one location to another, you should never sacrifice any aspect of safety to ensure that your possessions make it to their destination. No matter how you look at the situation, shipping fragile items and treasured possessions can be challenging. Although there are furniture delivery services you can hire, you do need to be selective about which company you hire.

Preparing Your Fragile Items for Shipment

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Choosing a Shipping Company

Choose a company that specializes in furniture shipping. Read More

Moving Tips for Older Adults and Their Family Members

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The golden years are the perfect time of life to downsize and move to a home that is easier to care for and easier overall to manage. Raising a family requires a large home and lots of items; as children grow up and leave home, older adults are left with many items they simply do not need any more. Transit Systems has helped many older adults and families with older adults relocate to new homes all across the country. Between our competitive freight shipping quotes and outstanding team, we have a lot to offer.

Moving Tips for Older Adults

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Before this important move can take place, many important decisions have to be made including what items to pack and what items to get rid of. This simple guide will help you successfully make this important transition. Read More

How to Hire the Best Freight Shipping Service for Your Needs

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Some larger items must be prepared and protected in a certain way while others can be shipped as-is. Navigating the waters of large-item shipping does not have to be complicated or confusing. The whole process is much simpler when you know what type of services you need and what is involved in each step.

Weight and Cost Minimums

Before committing to a freight shipping service, be sure you understand the company’s minimum weight and cost requirements. Some companies charge the same for full loads and partial loads, so you end up paying for empty space on the truck if you do not have much to ship. However, at TSI, we charge by weight and distance with a low, 100-pound minimum, regardless of whether your items fill the whole truck or not. Read More

How to Best Use Furniture Moving Services

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When you are moving to a new home or even to a new business location, furniture moving services are among your best friends. With white glove furniture shipping, the movers take care of practically everything: preparing and packing your items, picking them up, transporting them directly to the new location, unloading them and even re-assembling any items that require that service. And even if you do not opt for white glove services, you get a lot of benefit from economy services. To best help you, we at TSI provide both types of services.

White Glove Shipping with TSI

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Furniture Items that TSI Ships

TSI deals in a wide range of items, including furniture. For example, we’ll help you move: Read More

Relocating on the Cheap With Economical Freight Shipping Services

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Moving is a major undertaking that requires a huge commitment in time and sweat. You can reduce some of the pain by planning your move, getting your packing materials ahead of time and contacting a quality moving and shipping company like Transit Systems, Inc. to help with both. Aside from the work involved, the other thing that can make moving aggravating is the high cost that is often involved. That’s why Transit Systems offers convenient savings with our low-cost freight shipping services.

Freight Shipping with TSI

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How You Can Save

Freight shipping is typically the cheapest available option for relocating any size home because you take care of all the wrapping, boxing and/or crating. Read More

The First Ever Transit Systems Newsletter

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We want to take you for a walk through Transit Systems’ local office. We are a great group of about 40 employees located in Wayne, Pa. We celebrate each others’ birthdays, we decorate pumpkins, make gingerbread houses, and even coordinate company baseball games. Read More

How to Ship Large Items

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Shipping large, over-sized, or heavy items is intimidating, to say the least, which is why it is important to be prepared. Preparing to ship large furniture means, knowing all of the details of your shipment, researching a qualified shipping company, packing you item and arranging your shipment.

How to Ship Large Items

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The first step is to determine what large item you need to ship. Large items include but are not limited to:
• Couches
• Armoire Read More