White Glove Shipping vs. Shipping Delicate Items Yourself

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Shipping delicate items is one of the greatest sources of anxiety when people move. They worry about getting their fragile valuables safely from Location A to Location B. Never fear; we at Transit Systems Inc. (TSI) are here to give you the scoop on how to choose a white glove shipping service. And if you find that White Glove isn’t right for your shipment, we’ll explain how to carefully and securely pack and ship your items yourself.

White Glove Shipping

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What Is White Glove Shipping?

White glove shipping is for furniture that requires special care at both the packaging and transit stages. Read More

Shipping Fragile Items: Containers, Cushioning and Packaging With Care

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When you’re shipping valuable antiques, fine art, delicate musical instruments and priceless heirlooms, it’s not enough to purchase insurance for your items and hope for the best. While shipping insurance may cover the material cost of your fragile items, it cannot replace the emotional value of your most prized possessions or restore damaged items to their original condition. If you’re shipping fragile items, be sure you’ve packaged each item in the right container and with the right materials to keep it safe from scratching, chipping, warping or breaking. At Transit Systems, we know how to pack and move your most delicate items to keep them safe from harm.

Shipping Fragile Items

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Choose the Right Container

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Shipping Fragile And Valuable Items: A Guide For Beginners  

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About 35 million Americans move to new homes every year, and countless more ship fragile belongings for other reasons. Although insurance may pay for an injured item, it won’t make up for the emotional value of an heirloom or enable you to replace a one-of-a-kind painting or priceless antique. To keep your valuables from becoming a statistic, you may want to choose a safer shipping method. That’s why we’ve developed our reliable antique shipping services. However, if you’ve never shipped valuables before, you may have some questions about using a white glove shipping service. Here are some of the basics of how it works and why.


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