Tips for Packing and Shipping Fragile Items

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It is very important to pack your fragile items properly.  Transit Systems wants to help you ship your fragile/valuable items without any damage and with ease.

Shipping Fragile Items

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The first step in preparing fragile items for shipping is to gather all of your packing materials. These items can be purchased at many locations – your local UPS or FedEx store, U-Haul store, or a home improvement type store; such as Lowes or Home Depot. Your local Walmart and Target are also great resources for your packing supply needs. Read More

How to Ship Tools While Saving Money

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Are you moving cross country or maybe to another state over 100 miles away?

Transit Systems wants to help you ship your tools, not buy new ones, because that could be very expensive!

One of the most important items you will need when moving are your tools. The house may need some repair, upgrades or just a few updates – either way you will need to ship your tools.

How to Ship a Tool Box

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What You Need To Know to Ship a Toolbox

There are many things to consideration when shipping a tool box. Sharp edges need to be protected; large and bulky tools may need to be crated; fuel should be drained from the motor; and any hazardous chemicals could limit the available shipping methods. With a little research and preparation, however, you can properly ship your tools.

How to Pack Your Tools

As stated above there are many different types of tools. You will first need to determine what type of tools you are shipping before you can determine how to pack tools. Will you ship sharp tools, heavy tools, a large tool box or all of the above? Read More

Don’t Let Rain Disrespect Your Move

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Moving day has many challenges no matter what time of the year you plan to move, and then add rain into the mix and you have an even more challenging day!

Moving in the Rain

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Can I Move During the Rain?

Moving in the rain doesn’t have to be the worst possible scenario. When you think of you rain on moving day you think of slippery surfaces, ruined electronics and drenched movers. Transit Systems wants you to think positively! Even if it is raining the move can be done efficiently and with little stress. Here is how you can successfully move in the rain.

Yes! Here is How to Move in the Rain

Moving in the rain requires planning ahead. Being prepared is the most important aspect to consider before your rainy day move. It will save your the headache and frustration that normally comes with rain. Read More

Charitable Shipment of Shoes to Kids in Need

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Mission Trip to Native American Reservation

A local Chester County youth group did a week-long mission trip last summer at a Native American Reservation in remote Manderson, South Dakota.

Moved by the extreme need in this community, especially among the children of the school where the youth worked, one of the members of the group and his family responded to the need for warm footwear this winter by holding a boot drive.

There are 150 kids at this Native American school and it turned out they all needed warm footwear. Boots (mostly new) came streaming in from schoolmates, community members, friends, family, and most of all the home church where the youth group are members. Read More