How to Effectively Communicate With Your Moving Company

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Communication With Your Moving Company

First Impression. The first time you communicate with a selected moving company should give you insight into what you can expect as you move forward. As soon as you contact the moving company, by phone or internet, you should receive a timely response. This means if you do not get a call back or an email from the moving company within 24 hours, continue to look for another moving company.

Free Quote Next, the moving company should provide a free shipping quote. This means they require no credit card and no upfront cash to provide a quote. Whether this is an in-house quote or an online quote, it should be free.

Location– There are two types of locations they will need to know. Read More

Safely Shipping Antique Sideboards Cross Country

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Shipping antique sideboards cross country Anita and Jerome from Georgia have been looking for the perfect antique peice of furniture since they first moved into their home two years ago. The needed to add an antique sideboard in a very specific spot with exact dimensions.

This is their story of how they found the right peice of furniture at the right price! And how this couple from Georgia found the perfect shipping company to ship their treasured furniture.

They started their furniture search at local consignment shops and large retail stores – anywhere they could find what they were looking for. It wasn’t until they started to look on eBay that they found exactly what they were looking for. The size and color was perfect! Even the price point was right on. The only problem was, it was located in California and then were in Georgia – thousand of miles away. Read More

Transit Systems Gets Top Rating by The Better Business Bureau (BBB) 2015

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Transit Systems has been making big efforts to better serve our customers, and we have good news to share!

Transit-Systems-Inc-BBB-A-Rating_2-17-2015Transit Systems is an “A” Rated company by the BBB in 2015. We have pushed ourselves harder to make our services better, and that shows in how customers feel about us. We’re an “A” company, and you should know that.

One of the benchmarks of a good moving and shipping company is their reputation. When a company is working hard to provide an honest service to customers, it shows. People talk about good service and they know when they’ve been served well or not.

Over twenty years ago when our business started, you’d ask your friendly neighbor what they thought of a moving company and they’d tell you what they knew. In today’s world, this friendly talk is happening in the form of online reviews. Read More

How Long Should I Expect to Wait for Pick Up and Delivery of my Shipment?

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Photo Credit |Wikimedia Commons

Photo Credit |Wikimedia Commons

When you ship Economy (all items must be boxed and items must be brought to the curb for pick up and are delivered to the curb) you can expect next day pick-up. This means you call for a quote on a Tuesday and you decide to move forward and book, then our drivers will be out as soon as Wednesday to pick up. As for the delivery, items will be delivered within 2-7 business days. The other time frame that you should be aware of is, the window for pickup, which is 4 hours in the afternoon.

Transit Systems also offers a full service shipment called, White Glove – this means your furniture will be wrapped by professionals, loaded on a truck, shipped and delivered in your home and unwrapped by the movers. Read More

How to Safely Ship a Vintage Dining Room Set

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Shipping an antique piece of furniture can be scary. You have been taking excellent care of your treasured dining room set for years and now you need to put it in the hands of strangers. You will feel confident shipping with Transit Systems after you read about one of Transit Systems’ recent customers excellent experience. Transit Systems will not be a stranger after you read this. You will know and understand how the shipping process works.

How to Ship Large Items

Photo Credit | 123RF Photos | @ Larry Malvin

Transit Systems specializes in shipping furniture long distance. They have been shipping furniture for over 20 years and consider themselves an expert. With that said, Transit Systems has been surveying their customers about their shipping experience for over 2 years to find out what they are doing well and what they need to work on. Below is a recent review from one of Transit Systems’ customers.


“I did a lot of comparisons before selecting Transit Systems. They transported our vintage dining room table and chairs with the utmost care. Their knowledge & prices were also the best. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

– Rick S, Arizona, January 20, 2015

Transit Systems reached out to Rick to get more information about his shipping experience and he continued to praise Transit Systems, their carrier, Microship and his sales rep, Tom Tract. Read More

The Two Most Important Rooms to Unpack

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Two Most Important Rooms to UnpackMoving requires a whole lot of packing and unpacking. In today’s blog we want to focus on the unpacking. Unpacking can be done in many ways – most websites and blogs will tell you to do one room at a time or start with the essentials. We want to provide you with a different way to unpack that works.

There are two top rooms to start with – your kids room and the kitchen. If you do not have children than you know exactly where to start unpacking, the kitchen. If you have children, these are one in the same.

Starting with the kids room helps make your child feel at home and comfortable. Ask them how they want to decorate and let them help. Get their curtains hung, beds made and clothes in their closets. Make sure that all of their favorite toys are available and their favorite stuffed animal or blankie for sleeping. Also, for the older child, set up their electronics – Nintendo DS, Wii, iPads, etc. This will keep the children entertained and happy while you and other family/friends unpack the rest of the house. Read More

Average Moving Costs – What It Takes to Change Your Address

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Wikimedia Commons | Photo Credit |David Wright

Wikimedia Commons | Photo Credit |David Wright

It is time to move, whether that means to a new apartment or a single family home, this means you’ll probably need a moving company. The first thing you need to know is which type of moving company is best for your move. There are long distance movers, local movers, full service movers, less than truck load companies, pods and rental trucks.

Below are different moving options and the expected moving costs for each. Read more and make an informed choice without surprises!

Full Service Movers

Someone who needs to move an entire house full of furniture and boxes and who will fill a large moving truck will need a full service moving truck. This type of mover will handle all of the heavy lifting and loading as well. In terms of money, this is the most expensive option there is – but if you have the money this is also the least stressful and physically demanding choice. Read More

How to Ship a Piano with TSI

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Safely Shipping a Piano
Whether you play the piano or know someone that has, you can understand that shipping a piano isn’t the same as shipping a piece of furniture, it is more like a part of the family. A piano that has been in your family for decades has a special place in your family. Or maybe it is a brand new grand piano that you plan on playing and creating years of memories. Whatever the feelings are towards your piano, you know that you want a shipping company that you can trust and that is Transit Systems.
How to Safely Ship a Piano

Photo Credit | Deposit Photos | Monkeybusiness

“I was having an old spinet piano moved during cold weather and I was fearful that there would problems. The piano was picked up after dark during a snow storm. It was carefully wrapped in blankets and tied securely. It was transported from Sayre, PA to Long Island, NY. I called the company and spoke to the rep, Tom, who had been very kind when I made the arrangements. I requested that the piano be delivered to my daughter’s home in New Salem, MA as soon as possible. On Dec. 17 my daughter sent me an e-mail with a picture of the piano in her front room! Everything was fine and it was delivered in plenty of time before Christmas. All my worries were not necessary. Good job!”
– Barbara, Pottstown, PA, January 9, 2015

Read More

Safety Tips for Moving

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Do not over load your boxes. Remember you need to be able to lift these boxes. Our suggestion is to not load them over 30-40 lbs, depending on how much you can lift. Overloading boxes can also lead to them breaking at the seams. The last thing you need is a large trophy or heavy book falling on your foot.

Tips for Moving Alone

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Use the right equipment. For the larger items, use a dolly. This will help keep you from straining your back. You can also use straps to keep the boxes secure on the dolly.

Look for hazardous walking areas. If your walkway gets slippery than invest in a traction mat. If there are steps, make sure that all movers are aware of the steps and that they are well lit. If there is snow or ice, make sure the walkway is well salted.

Wear the right clothes. You should wear sneakers or supportive shoes as you will be on your feet all day and you do not want to trip. Be careful with loose fitting clothes – you don’t want your sleeve or pants getting caught on a box or piece of furniture and risk tripping. This not only could cause damage to you but to your furniture.

Keep children out of the way. If you have kids, keep them safe from the movers. Keep them off the stairs and out of the line of movers – you do not want them to get trampled. Read More

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