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“The services provided by Transit Systems were outstanding, from receipt of the initial quote through the actual delivery. Transit Systems advised me throughout the process of the status of my delivery. All personnel with whom I communicated were courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The item of furniture which Transit Systems picked up, transported and delivered to me in SC was wrapped well and was delivered to my home in SC without any damage or problems. The price which I paid for the services was reasonable. I would definitely recommend Transmit Systems to others who may request transportation services.”
Norman Howard, Woodbridge, VA, December 22, 2014

TSI Helps Santa Deliver to Lakota Sioux Reservation for Christmas

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Let’s talk more about how good people went out of their way to put some smiles on the faces of deserving young people. When you hear of a few good citizens “Making a difference” – this is what they’re talking about!

Windswept-AcademyWe were contacted about a charitable shipment by Dotsi Campbell, who is a member of The Charles Town Baptist Church mission group in West Virginia.

Dotsi says this about Transit Systems “your organization gave feet and hands to our prayers.” She went on to explain that her group “had prayed for leadership to impact families whose children are attending a non-public school completely funded by private sector donations. In this area, the local educational system lacks quality. The people are living 100% below the poverty index, and Christmas gifts were low on the list of necessities.”

One of the group’s goals was to purchase gifts for some children on the Eagle Butte, South Dakota Lakota Sioux Reservation. In our humble opinion – This care and consideration is what humanity and Read More

Tips for Less Stress While Moving

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Moving is one of the top causes of stress – right up there with divorce and job loss. No matter what you try to do it will be stressful but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming and frustrating all the time! We have a few random but helpful tips to help relief some of your moving stress, especially over the holidays.

  • Start by writing everything down, yes everything! Everything that you need to do, such as packing the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., taking down and washing the curtains, paint, clean, etc. needs to be written down.  Use Excel if you have it, so you can check them off as you go.Woman Unpacking Boxes And if you are good with the computer, put it all in a calendar so you know exactly when you will be accomplishing each item.  This will help you see that items are getting checked off your huge to do list.
  • Do something every day. Accomplishing something everyday, no matter what you have going on with keep all of your tasks from piling up on actual moving day.  When you make a trip over to the new house, bring a load of boxes.  If you work all day and you are tired, then go on the computer and fill out your change of address forms – you will be getting something done but you can sit and do it.
  • Only move boxes once. This is very important.  If a box is labeled “kitchen” then make sure it goes directly to the kitchen.  Don’t put the box in the living room and then move it again to where it needs to go, especially items that go in the basement, don’t mistakenly put them in the master bedroom – that is double the stairs you need to carry boxes.
  • Paint before you put boxes in the room. If it is possible, paint a room while it is empty – again if you place boxes and furniture in the room and then decide to paint, you will need to move everything twice.  Don’t make extra work for yourself.
  • Read More

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“We were so pleased with the service from Transit Systems that we provided unsolicited praise immediately after our shipments were completed. Carol Tract did a wonderful job when we placed our order, and the Conway driver was so personable and professional, we were completely satisfied that our shipments would be handled with the utmost care! We definitely would use Transit Systems again and certainly will recommend to others. Thank you!”
Mike Hanson, Lanesville, IN, December 16, 2014

Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

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In the past couple of years bamboo flooring has grown in popularity. Bamboo floors have a beautiful finish and bring a unique element to any room. It is easily produced and the price is right for consumers.

Bamboo Flooring Pros and ConsFor those of you considering bamboo flooring, we have the pros and cons to help you make your decision.

Pros of Bamboo Floors:

Ecologically Friendly – One of the main pros to bamboo floor is that it is biodegradable.
Material – Bamboo is produced quickly and easily – it matures in 4 years vs. the average tree which takes 100 years.
Price – The price is budget friendly because of the availability of the bamboo.
Easy Installation – They are easy to put in and do not require screws. Also, they lock in to each other making it even more simple.
Easy Maintenance – Keeping them clean is easy with a dry mop and they barely show dust and dirt.
Refinishing – The floors can be refinished, sanding it down and then reapplying the finishing coats to make it almost as good as new. Read More

Moving Tips for Career Women

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After working from 8 to 5, the last thing you want to do is come home and pack boxes for your upcoming move. But, there are ways to prepare for your relocation without sacrificing precious “me” time after work.

Career Woman Moving Alone
Moving is a marathon—you have to train for it, stay focused, and pace yourself.

For instance, don’t cram all of your packing in the week before the moving trucks are scheduled to arrive. Start six weeks in advance, and take your time. Use Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons to tackle a room—saving high traffic rooms for last.

You’ll also need to find a reputable mover. Call at least two or three companies for quotes. Make sure they come to your home to do an in-person estimate. Read More

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“My keepsake antique that was handed down from my grandfather arrived when it was promised without damage. I was worried about placing my trust in a company over the internet but I was very pleased with the service I received.”
Dan, Rochester, NY, December 3, 2014

What is a Bill of Lading?

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When you make the decision to ship something, such as furniture, boxes, etc. you will be required to fill out the ‘bill of lading.’

Unless you work for a moving and shipping company these three words may look foreign to you. The next few paragraphs will help familiarize you with what a bill of lading is and the purpose it serves.

Transit Systems Bill of Lading

What exactly is a Bill of Lading?

By definition, a bill of lading is “a required document to move a freight shipment.” The bill of lading serves as a receipt of goods between the shipping company and the customer; it also serves as a contract legally binding the driver and the carrier to the shipment (& additional details) and utilized to invoice the shipment properly.

The bill of lading is automatically created once the customers’ shipping information is entered during the booking process. It is then given to the carrier during pick up and will be delivered when the shipment is dropped off. Read More