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“You were the most reasonably priced, and were great to work with! Great communication. Your two guys who delivered were careful with unwrapping and placement, were genuinely concerned that we were happy with where the items were placed. The pick up from my 90 year old cousin was METICULOUSLY wrapped, and carefully taken from their apartment–they were singing your praises before we had the three items delivered. I was overly impressed with the entire transaction–thank you sincerely from the Aldridges in SC!!!”
Sally, Columbia, SC, November 25, 2014

How to Handle the Elevated Risk of Fraud During a Move

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People that are moving are prime targets for identify theft. Why? Because your home, your computer and your important papers are probably left out in the open for real estate agents, home buyers and movers to view! This is precisely why we want to give you some tips on how to protect your identity during a move.

Protect From Moving Fraud

Protection During Home Selling.

While you are showing your house, be sure to lock up or remove important documents such as your social security card, birth certificate, tax returns, financial statements, etc. Papers that you store in an unlocked filing cabinet should be gone through and disposed of or stored accordingly (i.e. shredded or locked in a safe). If you decide to shred important papers it’s a good idea to separate the pieces into a few trash bags and throw them away in different dumpsters.

Notify the post office of your change of address 2 weeks in advance to allow for a confirmation letter to be sent to your current residence. Read More

How to Make Your New ‘House’ into Your ‘Home’

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Moving into a new home makes everything seem new and refreshing, but it still feels kind of strange, like it isn’t yours yet. We want to help you turn your new house in your home!

3 Tips for Turning Your House Into a Home

The first and most important thing you need to do is clean from top to bottom. You can hire a professional cleaner to take care of this, or if you want to save some money then you can do a deep clean on your own! Get rid of the old resident’s smell (maybe they smoked, or burned food a lot) and their germs; a great place to start is the washer and dryer.You can Google how to clean these appliances in a few easy steps! Next move onto the bathrooms and cleaning the carpets. Before you move in is the best time to do a deep clean, which means you will need to clean parts of your house that you normally wouldn’t think to clean, such as wiping down the walls, doors and woodwork and vacuuming the dust and spider webs from the corners on both your floors and your ceilings. A fresh, clean house is the best way to start making yourself feel at home. Read More

How to Pack Artwork for Shipping

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Shipping artwork all starts with the preparations. Before shipping your art, you will have to pack it—you will need to pick up a flat pack or print pad, packing tape and acid free tissue paper (enough to cover both the front and the back).

Once you have your supplies ready, you will need to pack your art. Keep in mind that you don’t ever want to lift prints or canvases by the corners. You should slide a piece of cardboard underneath the artwork and carry it by the cardboard covering, not the art itself. If you need to carry the art for any reason then make sure that you use acid free tissue paper or photography gloves while handling it.

Next, add two to three layers of cardboard on the top and bottom to prevent the art from bending. Tape around the outside of the cardboard – be sure not to tape any part of the artwork. Read More

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“I was ready to give up on having my father-in-law’s old desk moved from Omaha Nebraska to our home in Florida. My husband really wanted something that had belonged to his father and to be able to pass it down to his son some day. I called four company’s to inquire if it was possible and what the cost would be. The phone calls made my husband ready to give up, as we were told they didn’t move one piece across the country or the price was prohibitive. I said I would make one more call to a company I found on line. It was your company, glad I did! Thank you! We have the desk, it arrived in the same condition as it was picked up. Your employees were helpful and professional.”
Jill Clark, Palm Harbor, Fl, November 14, 2014

Painting Kitchen Cabinets to Make Then Look Like New

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All you will need is some cleaner, sandpaper, paintbrush and elbow grease. What you don’t need is a lot of money, just some time and a little creativity.

First you will need to prep your cabinets for painting. This means you will need to clean, sand and prime every part of your cabinets otherwise the paint will not stick properly.Kitchen Cabinets
Cleaning is an essential part of the process; the area that you want to spend the most time on. Over time cabinets collect a large amount of grease and grime, both from hands as well drips and splashes from cooking. You can remove the first layer of grime with elbow grease, but for the second layer, try a TSP substitute or a degreaser. And after the grease has been removed, you can remove the final layer with 100-grit sandpaper which not only removes grease it also will help the paint stick. Read More

The Best Timing Tips for Buying & Selling a House

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While these tips may seem random they are very helpful, so take a look to see if these tips can help you with your buying and selling process.
Home Buying/Selling Tips
When is the best month of the year to make an offer on a house?

We found that the best time of the year to make an offer on a home is in January. Sellers are not getting many offers when it is cold, snowy and wet outside and many people’s bank accounts are low due to the holidays (and their credit cards are high). For many, January is a time of financial insecurity, so most sellers are willing to take lower offers to help get them out of debt. Read More

Coping with Home Buying Stress

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Coping with Home Buying StressOnce you make the decision to ride the roller coaster that is buying a home, you need to be prepared both mentally and financially. Before you speak with a mortgage advisor take a look in the mirror.

Make a List of Expenses

• How much you are currently paying for your home?
• What will you feel comfortable paying each month in your new home?
• Is the amount realistic?

You need to remember that you don’t want to be house poor and living out of your means. After you come up with a monthly payment you think could work for you, then you should speak with a mortgage broker. They will tell you what you will be approved for, but keep in mind this is what the mortgage company is willing to lend you, not necessarily what you can or should afford. Read More

Bathroom Color Tips

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We want to share with you some tips to help you design and create your perfect bathroom oasis.

The first step is to go to your local paint store and pick up a color wheel. A color wheel will help you select a color scheme by giving you a feel for what colors go together. For instance, on a color wheel you will notice that blue and green are next to each other, which means they are analogous colors. Meanwhile, purple and yellow are across from each other, making them complimentary colors. Use the wheel to help you choose three colors that work well with each other.

Bathroom Color Tips for Move InWhen you select three colors for your room try to include one neutral color, one rich color and one accent color. Then use the 70/20/10 distribution rule to choose what color goes where; this means use the lightest color for 70% of the room (i.e. the paint), the second lightest for 20% and the boldest for 10%.

You might wonder how to incorporate a color in only 10% of your bathroom. Choosing bath towels, sink accents, photos, or even in a piece of furniture are all ways to add in that “pop” of color. Read More

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“My family heirlooms were held captive on the East-coast since I could not find a reliable “small mover” to deliver them to California where I live. After much research, I settled on Transit Systems for this shipment, since they seemed reliable and careful, whether with precious heirlooms or not. I am so very pleased with the outcome of this move, as I now have my heirloom furniture in our home. The men who packed and picked up my stuff were extra careful, as were the men who delivered the shipment out here in CA. Everything was in great condition, nothing damaged or lost. Thank you to Carol of Transit Systems for the extra care you gave to the timing of my shipment. You were great!”
Rosemary, Van Nuys, CA, November 6, 2014

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