Summer Fruit & Vegetable Recipes

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Fruit Dips:

Greek Yogurt & Peanut Butter Dip:
This one is simple and perfect for apples or even to eat alone as a snack. All it takes is plain or vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter and a drizzle (a teaspoon) of honey.

Strawberry Fruit Dip
Again this is simple – actually the easiest, low calorie fruit dip and tastes delicious. Mix fat free (or light) cool whip with light strawberry yogurt. Perfect for a hot day along with your favorite fruit. Read More

How to Wrap a Couch

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Couches are one of the hardest pieces of furniture to move because of their shapes and sizes. You can simply pick it up (with help of course!) and it can be moved out of your house and onto a truck… but should it? No, you should take the time to wrap it first!

Wrapping a couch helps protect the upholstery from all sorts of damage – damage from rips/tears, water damage, pollen/dirt from the moving truck, and other unseen stains.

Here are a few ways to wrap your couch:

1. Looking for convenience and ease? Purchase a couch cover. U-Haul is a good example of where you can buy a couch cover for very cheap.
2. Use blankets and tape. Wrap the couch in one of your heavy duty blankets. Read More

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“I was looking for a way to transport a table and chairs to my son in North Carolina. This was the most cost effective means that I found and I did a lot of research. The table was picked up on time and delivered to my son a few days later in perfect condition. I would certainly use this service again.”
Micahel, Leawood, KS, May 28, 2014

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“I bought furniture from a private seller that I did not know…you guys were fabulous in handling all the communication…I loved that you wrapped everything up and didn’t put the seller in the position to do all that…seamless and lovely experience…”
ColleenRose Mastagni, Modesto, CA, May 20, 2014

Bathroom Low Cost Upgrade Tips

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Bathroom UpgradesThe bathroom is one of many high traffic rooms, morning, noon, and night! Since you (and your guests!) spend so much time in the bathroom you want it to look its best, but not at a huge expense. Below we have some great ideas on how to spice up your bathroom and not break the bank.

• Stack old wooden crates that are in good shape and store extra toilet paper and extra towels in them.
• If you lack bathtub/shower space create additional space by hanging multi-level fruit baskets for shampoos, conditioners, etc.
• Hang a shelf rack with hooks to organize and store bathroom towels, robes, etc. This gives you more storage space, and hanging wet linens helps speed up the drying process. Read More

DIY Closet Makeover

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If you’re a Pinterest user, you’ve probably seen some of the hundreds of pins that show beautifully organized closets. A closet makeover may seem out of reach, but it’s actually a pretty easy (and affordable) DIY fix if you’re handy.
DIY Closet Tips

The first step to giving your closet a makeover is to get rid of everything you don’t need/use/wear—clothes, shoes, hats, old purses, etc. Once you’ve created some space take stock of your belongings. Then, if you’re really committed to overhauling your closet create a new closet layout according to your needs.

For instance, when I was renovating my closet I realized that I have a lot of shoes (I love shoes). Since I used to shove them into the dark recesses of my closet I wanted to make them easier to access and more visible. Read More

How to Move Out Alone

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Tips for Moving AloneMoving by yourself isn’t ideal. But, not everyone has family and friends around to help out during a move and many of us can’t afford to hire a moving company – so the only alternative is to do it yourself.

The first step is to be smart and stay safe— Do not try to lift anything too heavy. There are many ways (listed below) to lift heavy furniture without hurting yourself. Work smarter not harder! Trying to carry your large items, like a mattress, down the steps alone is dangerous so use some of the tips listed below…because a trip to the ER may cost you more than hiring a moving company.

Take furniture apart. Think about how you got your bookshelf, your dresser and your drawers into your home –they were in pieces. It may sound like more work to take furniture apart and then have to put it back together but it is the smart way to get it out of your home without breaking it, scratching the wall, or hurting yourself!
o TSI Tip – Try using an egg carton, ice cube tray or even a large pill box to put the small pieces in (screws, etc.) and be sure to label them so you know where they all go. Read More

College Moving Home for the Summer Tips

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May means the end of spring semester for most college students, which begs the question, where will you spend your summer? Many students will go home and spend their time off working at an internship or part time job and visiting with old friends.

So, after spending two semesters (or more) on your own, how will you survive living at home with your parents? It may be difficult to live by their rules, so before you spend a few months at home have a discussion with your Mom and Dad to set some ground rules and expectations—this will help avoid arguments during the summer!

Find your new role. Do you still expect Mom to cook every night? Some empty-nesters find themselves in new routines—if your Mom no longer cooks every day, offer to help. Suggest that you can make dinner a few days during the week (maybe you learned some new recipes while at school), or if you can’t cook, then offer to pick up a pizza or take out! Your parents won’t expect you to cook every night, but they will love (and appreciate!) your offer to help.

You also shouldn’t expect Mom or Dad to do your laundry anymore. So, to make the summer time transition smooth, determine which days of the week you can do laundry without interrupting your parents’ schedules. Read More

How to Avoid Common Moving Errors

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When choosing a moving company DON’T:

Only get one moving quote. Moving companies will give you a free quote in minutes. Most companies will have you fill out some information online and as soon as you are finished you receive an email with the quote, so why not get multiple quotes? It’d be a big mistake to go with the first quote you receive—ask around so you have a general understanding of fair prices.
Provide inaccurate measurements. When moving companies ask for the dimensions and weight of your furniture, give them precise answers. Read More

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“All the details were explained to me and were also contained in the documents sent. When the mover picked up the piece, he patiently explained the process to me so the time frame was right on. He also told me he would let the storage facility know why he had wrapped the piece upside down and make sure they would keep shipping it to protect the legs.”
Linda, Albuquerque, NM, May 8, 2014

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