Crock Pot Recipes

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Bettycrocker’s Chipotle Chicken Taco with a Twist

Chipolte Chicken Tacos

1 lb chicken
1 cup Salsa (medium or mild – whichever you choose)
1 chipotle chile in adobo sauce (from 7-oz can), chopped (with 1 tablespoon sauce)
1 bag of frozen stir fry vegetables
Lime juice Read More

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“I have used your service 3 times in the past year and have been extremely pleased. I would not ship with anyone else, now that I have discovered you!! And I recommend you to anyone that will listen!”
Janet, Newnan, GA, February 27, 2014

Using Technology to Stay Connected In Challenging Times

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Transit Systems has been active in using technology to manage our business for years, so we’re no stranger to tech solutions. We manage operations and communications with our own unique software solution. Regardless of local power or network issues near our headquarters in Pennsylvania, we maintain constant connections to our company’s nationwide shipping network.

We rely on technology to manage most of these connections in one way or another, and we’re always making improvements as we go forward – It’s a constant effort to keep serving our customers better. Read More

Tips for Picking the Right Color for Your Office

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Are you looking to paint your home office but are unsure of what color to choose? If so, we have some ideas for you! Each color has a ton of historical and cultural background which could help you visualize what new colors can bring to your office space.

Tips for Painting Your OfficeRed – Red is a strong color that represents fire. A vibrant red is supposed to bring joy and excitement into your home. The Chinese see the color red as the color of luck and happiness, and in India it is the color of marriage, symbolizing love and romance. In Western cultures red often represents courage and passion.

Yellow – Yellow is an uplifting color that will brighten any home or office. Yellow is also welcoming and makes any room feel cozy.

Blue – Blue is the color of the sea and the sky, and it promotes a sense of calm and serenity. There are endless shades of blue that would be great for a home office—from a standard navy to a light blue. Read More

How to Feel Safe in Your New Home

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Below are some great crime prevention tips to make you feel more secure in your new home.

Crime Prevention Tips

How to Feel Safe in Your New Home

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Invest in quality locks – Purchase a dead bolt lock for the front door and make sure that your window locks are secure.
Choose a door with a peephole – A peephole on your front door will allow you to see who is there without unlocking and opening your front door.
Don’t tell your social networks that you are away – When you go on vacation don’t post it on Facebook and other social networks. Posts—especially if your privacy settings are “Public”— let potential buglers know that you aren’t home (and even allows them to know when you will be home). And lastly if you are taking a shower or running to the grocery store, people on Facebook don’t need to know this, so don’t write about it! Again, the wrong person could read your status and take advantage of the situation. Read More

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“Initial pick-up date was delayed as driver couldn’t get to us that day, but the communication from dispatch was clear and they quickly re-scheduled. The moving professionals knew how to deal with the logistics of our heavy, fragile and valuable art pieces.”
Tiffany, Berkeley, CA, February 17, 2014

Five Tips for Shipping Your Car—Plus Advice for Saving on Auto Shipping Services!

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Find a moving company that will ship your furniture as well as your car. You may get a deal for shipping everything with the same carrier, which could end up saving you money.

Ship your car during off seasons. During the fall and winter you can save as much as 30% on shipping. If possible, try to plan your moves during these times to save—but, we know most times you can’t choose when you move.

If you decide to ship your car, there are many ways to ensure that your car arrives safely and on time. Here are five tips on how to prepare your car for shipment that will decrease the risk of damage during transit: Read More

Tips for Traveling with Skis

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How to Ship Skiis

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If you have a winter ski vacation planned for this year here are a few tips on how to travel while flying with your gear.

Different airlines have different rules. Usually a checked bag is considered oversized if it’s over 50 pounds or if a bag has a total size of more than 62 inches. Some equipment bags will be larger than the requirement listed above, but many airlines will make an exception to this rule if your skis are housed in specific ski carriers. Check with airlines prior to booking about their checked baggage and ski equipment policies. Read More

Can We Ship a Generator? Yes We Can!

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Generator Shipping

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Transit Systems is located in the Philadelphia area and if you have been watching the news you may have noticed that we have been experiencing power outages for a few days due to an ice storm. This is quite common in many areas during this time of the year. One of the best items you can ship to prepare for this kind of weather (and other bad weather too!) is a generator. Having a generator on hand can ensure a hot shower, unspoiled food and light rather than candle lit nights.

We have been shipping less than truckload shipments of all kinds, including generators and motors, for over 20 years. You can trust that your generator will get to its destination in one piece and with the best care possible. Read More

Moving for Two: How to Move When You’re a Caregiver

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If you’re getting ready to help move a loved one or a senior you’ve been caring for to a new home or facility, here are some tips you’ll find helpful:

1. Hire a Senior Move Manager: Senior Move Managers will help through the entire move process, especially the emotional aspects, like dealing with downsizing decisions about what to keep, sell or give away. They manage the move itself, hold yard sales, help with getting settled in the new residence, and other moving-related tasks that often get overlooked. The National Association of Senior Move Managers is a great resource to learn more about these professionals. Read More

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