What are You Thankful For this Thanksgiving?

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Two of our customers wrote us wonderful letters thanking us for all that we do and we wanted to share them with you on this day for giving thanks.

Dear Transit Systems,

Thank you SOOO MUCH ! Not only did you pick up moms couch in only a few days, you delivered it in just a couple of weeks. All wrapped up like a giant couch jelly bean!
Mom passed away last year, in August.
I wanted her best friend to have her couch. Mom bought the couch in the late 70’s and it was a down filled couch from Ethan Allen.
Whenever it came time to recover that couch, her friend and her would choose the fabric together. It was their thing.
Her friend called to say a very tearful thank you. She had forgotten how beautiful it was!

Thank you,
All the Best Kathryn Read More

Tips for Choosing a Realtor

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Should You Hire a RealtorThink about all the time you will be spending with them and how you know nothing about them! Since we understand how intimidating the moving process can be (from selling your home to moving into your new one), we want to give you some tips on how to pick a trustworthy, helpful realtor who can help you sell your home.

Tip 1 – Find a selection of realtors in your area. Ask around—reputation often precedes most realtors, so you can ask previous sellers about their experiences and who they might recommend. Try posting to Facebook that you are looking for a realtor, a friend of a friend might know someone. Once you have a few names, if you don’t know anyone personally who has used him/her, it is absolutely OK to ask the realtors (or the brokerage firms) for a list of references and previous clients. Contact the clients and find out what their experience with the realtor was. It’s always good to hear about their experiences firsthand. Then, you can narrow down the candidate pool by comparing the feedback you receive. Read More

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“The only slight glitch was how long it took for us to find out if you would be able to take the stuff in our time frame. We were kind of short notice with a hard deadline (my parents were moving out of their apartment) so it was kind of nerve-wracking not to know what day you’d be able to pick up the stuff for sure but, other than that, you delivered our pieces in MUCH better shape than the regular moving company. Truly. Would absolutely recommend again. You really were the answer to a huge problem. So happy to know you exist!”
Marley & Louise, Sherman Oaks, CA, November 23, 2013

Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

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Most of these tips are so simple— but they’re ideas you may not have thought about with all of the craziness going on!

Random Moving Tips

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Should I Hire a Realtor or Choose For Sale by Owner?

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People today are choosing to sell their house “for sale by owner” (FSBO) in order to save some money. Realtors charge commission fees between 6% – 7% of the selling price of your house. This adds up to thousands of dollars – thousands of dollars better spent on your children’s college fund or even a vacation to Walt Disney World! People now have the means to sell their homes—all they have to do is appeal to the network of potential buyers provided by the Internet.

Selling a home yourself is a great option for those of us that have some extra time on our hands because remember, you will need to do the work of a realtor to sell your home. Think about taking time to draft marketing materials (newspaper listings, online listings, signs, brochures) and organizing open houses and/or house tours. It can be time consuming, but if you have the time it’s a great way to save money.

There are websites to help you sell your home, and although they charge for home listings the fee can be much less than the commission you’d pay a realtor. But, you have to look carefully because only some sites will allow you to list your house without a licensed realtor. Read More

How to Relax After You Move

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Moving into a new home is both stressful and exhausting, which is why you need to find a way to relax after the big move. Transit Systems has your relaxation solutions!

Exercise to Relief Stress From Moving

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Exercise – This may not sound relaxing but consider taking a run/walk through your new neighborhood—or , if you’re feeling adventurous why not take a run/walk down your town’s main street to get a feel for your new locale. This will help you get acclimated to the area, and you can map out a new walk to take your dog or kids on! If you’re exhausted and a cardio work out doesn’t sound relaxing, try doing yoga. Whether you find a new yoga studio or gym that offers yoga classes or you put on an OnDemand yoga class, some stretching and breathing will help you relax your mind and body.

Shopping – Go shopping at your new local mall or try out your new grocery store. Retail therapy is a great way to relax for most people. Read More

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“Driver arrived at end of long day to pick up items. He was kind, considerate, helpful and went beyond the call of duty. Delivery driver was early, professional, and thoroughly checked goods delivered to ensure no breakage. We were very pleased with your service and your staff.”
Libby Atwater, Ventura, CA, November 13, 2013

Tips for Downsizing Your Home

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Downsizing your home is a very complicated process; saying good bye to items that you’ve had for many years may be difficult, but it needs to be done. You should only hold on to items for so long before you ask yourself will I ever read this book or will you really fit back into those jeans? Below are some great tips on how to downsize your home.

For children’s art projects and schoolwork – keep the few that have true meaning and you can’t part with in a container. It’s unrealistic to try and keep the 5+ papers they send home every day from school. If you want to keep the memory, lay all the papers out and take pictures. Photos are easier to store on your hard drive or something like Dropbox.com (an app you can put on your phone, tablet or computer). Photos of your children’s schoolwork are an awesome idea, and it allows you to keep everything. Read More

How to Move in Bad Weather

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Wear the ‘Right’ Clothes
Rain Gear for Moving in the Rain
Dress for the wet weather, if you have rain boots, wear them. If you don’t have rain boots, wear nonskid sole shoes to decrease the chance of slipping, especially while carrying large boxes and heavy furniture. Wear a light weight rain jacket with a hood if the forecast calls for rain, and if it’s snowing wear a waterproof warm jacket and gloves. Bring extra clothes for when your clothes get too wet – the last thing you want to do is get sick!

Cover & Protect Your Furniture

When the weather man calls for rain or snow make a trip to your local home improvement store and purchase a roll (or multiple rolls, depending on how much furniture you have) of plastic to wrap around and protect your sofa, dining room table, mattress, etc. Read More

Tips for Driving in Bad Weather

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• Always make sure that your headlights are on in bad weather, this helps other cars see you.
• Stay further back from the car in front of you than you normally would – this gives you (and the other cars on the road) plenty of room to break.
• Break earlier than normal – give your car (or rental truck) the time it needs to break safely. Your breaks might not work as well as they would under normal conditions or ice/pooling water might hinder your ability to stop quickly. Always think ahead. Read More

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