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“Every time I needed to reach customer service Natalie Gagliano either accepted my call or returned my call promptly. She was knowledgeable, courteous and professional. There was a question at pick up about whether items needed a specially made crate ($800) which I declined. Even without the special crate all items except for 1 arrived in perfect condition. The chair which was damaged was repaired by the mover and returned in good shape. Because of the crating question the shipment got divided into 2 parts, and I thought that half would be lost forever, but they located the missing items very quickly and delivered them as promised. I would definitely use this company again. Thank you.”
Claire, Los Angeles, CA, September 27, 2013

Johnny Appleseed Recipes

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Apples are the most common and well liked fruit and it September is the season to go apple picking for your favorite apples. But once you have picked your apples, what can you make? Here are a few great recipes to try!

Apple Pie Sandwiches – try something new this apple season with this sweet, delicious apple pie between two pieces of bread. Read More

How to Make Moving Memorable for Kids

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First of all, as soon as the move’s official tell your kids about it. Tell them in a way that gets them excited. My husband and I talked with my children (ages 2 and 4) about moving, and we brought them to see some houses with us and showed them what rooms could be ‘their room’ and their play room or the back yard where they would play ball and out front where they could ride their bikes . This really did the trick—all they could do was talk about how excited they were for their new rooms! Whatever gets your kids excited, promote that! Read More

TSI Moving and Shipping – Economy vs. White Glove

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Transit Systems offers you multiple options for long distance moving and shipping. We specialize in small moves, such as furniture shipping, mattress and box spring shipping and apartment/condo moving—and we wouldn’t be specialists if we didn’t give you choices on how to ship your items!

When you book with Transit Systems you can choose between a budget friendly shipment and a more expensive, all inclusive (Transit Systems does everything) shipping service. Read More

How to Move with an Infant

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Sometimes plans don’t always go as planned – you really wanted to move before the baby came but life happens! The baby came early and closing on the house took a lot longer than you thought. Now, you are ‘stuck’ (not literally) moving with a baby. Moving is already about, and now there is a little one to worry about.

Don’t worry, Transit Systems can help! We will do everything we can to make your moving day easy, even offering some great tips for how to take care of your infant child on moving day.

• Plan on one parent, grandparent or friend taking care of the baby for most of the day – designate someone to be on ‘baby duty.’ Of course you can take turns but it is better to have one person be the main caregiver for the day. Read More

TSI Helps Send Equipment and Supplies to Little League Baseball in the Dominican Republic

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Nick Morreale contacted TSI about a charitable shipment, and explained to us that a friend of his, Colorado Rockies pitcher Roman Colon, asked him to collect items that could be taken to kids in the Dominican Republic. Nick didn’t ask us to ship a big load to the D.R. – he just needed help with a small part of the trip; Tom Tract at TSI was glad to help.

It turns out that Nick’s brother Daniel runs a little league program in the D.R., and that there’s only enough equipment and uniforms for just one team, and everyone has to watch and rotate the days that they can play. He then told his father in Chicago about it and both began asking around to see if anyone could donate baseball equipment, uniforms, and other needed supplies. Nick and his father ended up collecting “a truly extraordinary amount of equipment” for the children. Read More

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“Process went smoothly. Communication about status of the shipment was good. Arrived in excellent condition, intact, and within the expected window of time.”
Susan, Issaquah, WA, September 15, 2013

Storage Unit Move with TSI

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Transit Systems is the perfect long distance moving company for relocating all of your storage unit items. We can ship 3 boxes to one location, or 3 boxes to 3 different locations – we’re flexible and we’ll work with your needs. We can ship your couch, dining room table, or grandma’s rocking chair, even your cousin’s surf board to the location of your choice!

Transit Systems Storage Unit MoveWe’re not like most shipping companies that expect you to fill an entire moving truck; we have no minimum weight fees. We only charge you for what you’re shipping. So, if you’re planning on shipping something small, Transit Systems is the moving company for you.

Another option for you to save money with TSI is our freight shipping. We make shipping simple with our hassle free one rate service – all you need to know is the weight of your shipment. You can box, crate or palletize your shipment to qualify for our freight shipping. Read More

How to Reduce the Stress of Moving by Calculating Your Boxes

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Shipping Crates and BoxesThe best way to start the moving process is to start early. Start by going to each room in your house or apartment and organizing what you need to box. Estimate the number of boxes you will need for dishes, pots and pans in your kitchen; then go to your living room and figure out how many boxes you will need for picture frames, home décor, movies, pillows and blankets. While you are sorting through your items, take count of what you will need to bubble wrap – do you need bubble wrap or can you use towels, blankets and clothing items to wrap? Also, what items will you be storing in your attic or basement because you might want to purchase plastic storage bins instead to protect your items for a longer period of time. Read More

Tips for Moving If School Just Started

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Fall brings with it many great things: cooler weather, colorful leaves, the start of a new school year. But maybe, this fall you have something else to look forward to—moving to a new home. Moving might not be the most exciting part of your fall season, especially if your children are faced with transferring to a new school, or having a longer car ride each morning just to stay in the school they’re at. So, how can you minimize the impact that moving will have on your children’s school year?

First, figure out how far you’ll be from your child’s current school. If you aren’t moving too far, maybe you can drive your child to school for rest of the year. Speak with school administrators and find out if this is an option. Some school districts might place a one year limit on long-distance commuting. However, giving your child one year to come to terms with changing schools is better than nothing! If you need to go out of your way to make your child more comfortable, it’s worth it. Read More

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