Five Tips For Shipping Your Car

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When it comes time to move, you have two choices on what to do with your car – drive it to your new home or have it shipped by a reputable auto shipping company. There are so many things to think about when making that decision. You will need to look into price and time frame; can you afford it and will it be there when you need it.

Shipping your car can cost anywhere from $1500 to $5000 depending on your destination, type of vehicle and which auto shipper you choose. If you are trying to fit shipping your car into your budget there are a few tricks to saving money. One way to save money is to find a moving company that will ship your furniture as well as your car; you may get a deal for shipping everything with one company. Another good way to save money is to ship your car during off peak seasons. Read More

Summer Pasta Recipes from TSI

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Summer is the perfect time to have a cold pasta salad. There are so many options and things to put into your salad. Do you want to go light with oil or Italian dressing or thicker with a mayo or maybe ranch dressing? Do you like lots of vegetables or only a few? It is all about what you and whoever you are eating with likes in your salad. Read More

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“During a very stressful time of my mothers death, I needed to move items across the country, EVERY one who helped me with the order and pick up and the delivery were AWESOME, prompt and VERY professional. They treated my items very carefully, and I could not be happier!”
Jaylene, Houston, TX, July 25, 2013

Tips for Reviewing and Choosing a Moving Company

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First, you want to find a moving company that specializes in what you are looking for. For example, Transit Systems specializes in shipping small, long-distance moves and furniture shipping. We’re a great fit for anyone looking to ship a couch to grandma’s beach house, office furniture to your son who is starting up his new business on the west coast, or an shipping an antique desk to your great uncle in Mississippi.

But what if you’re moving the whole house just two towns over? In that case, Transit Systems is not the right moving company for you as we don’t do local moves. Other moving companies might be a better fit for that. As there are differences, it really makes sense to figure out what type of move you are doing first and make sure you’re speaking to the right kind of moving company. Read More

Introducing TSI’s Shipping Weight Calculator

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So you’ve decided to make a move, congratulations! But now you need to ship your furniture over 100 miles away, what do you do? Transit Systems is your small, long distance shipping company.

The first thing Transit Systems will want to know is, how much does your furniture weigh, which for most of us is not an easy question to answer. What are you supposed to do, place your furniture on a home scale? HAHA that doesn’t work! Transit Systems has the answer – Try our new Shipping Weight Calculator.

How much do you think your desk, desk chair and computer would weigh? Read More

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“We recently had the need to ship our piano from Pennsylvania to our granddaughter in California. After researching many moving companies we decided to use Moving Treasures. We are very glad we did. The piano was well taken care of and delivered in the same good condition that is was in when it left our home. Thanks Moving Treasers, we appreciate the care taken with our “valuable” item.”
Mary Jo, Clinton, PA, July 17, 2013

How to Prepare Your Apartment to Move Out

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So, with these tips get your apartment ready for inspection.
Mr. Clean for Moving

The first thing you want to do is check your walls. Did you hang paintings, photos and decoration on your walls, leaving holes? If, so, patch them up with spackling paste and then sand them away. If there are multiple holes and sanding, you may want to paint. Speak to your landlord first to see if it is OK to paint.

Next double check everything is empty then start cleaning. Check your fridge for old food that could make the apartment smell. Leave the fridge open and clean it real good. Bathrooms must be cleaned, windows, oven, kitchen and definitely carpet. Mr. Clean and his Magic Eraser are two great cleaning tools. The Magic Eraser works well on the bathtub scum and kitchen sink. Mr. Clean soap is great for all counter tops, sinks and floors.

Remove all trash from your unit This may sound elementary, but you really want to make sure you’re not leaving anything behind for the landlord or property manager to do. If they have to spend an hour taking out trash or old/used/broken furniture, that time is going to become a cost that will be deducted from your deposit. A few minutes of extra effort can really save you money. Read More

How to Pack with Young Kids

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packing with kidsHelping Mommy and Daddy pack can be fun for both parents and the little ones. It’s easy to say that having children makes everything a little more exciting! But they also make things little more complicated if you’re moving, but moving with kids is exciting too – in a good way of course!

Rather than upsetting them and trying to get them to leave so you can pack, have them help you. Try giving them a “job” or two. Start by asking them to go pick out their favorites that they want to bring, such as, pajamas, bathing suit, shoes, or stuffed animal. While they are picking them out, you can keep packing. After they come back, ask them to raid the kitchen for some of their favorite bottle, sippy cup, snack cup, fork and spoons. If they are older and eating snacks, they can pick them out too. (You, of course, will need to limit what they pick out!)

Once you have everything packed, give them something light that they can carry to the car (their stuffed animal, umbrella, pillow, etc.) or a small suitcase that they can roll to the car. Make your little ones feel like there is no way you could have done it without them! You will make them feel really important and special. Read More

Desk Shipped in Excellent Condition

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“Thank you for everying you have done. The desk went off in good shape and the movers were wonderful. The way you have communicated information about the move has been the best!”
Betty, Cicero, NY, July 9, 2013

Tips for Moving with a Dog

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Tips for Moving with a DogMoving turns your life upside down and if you can believe it, it is quite difficult for your dog as well. Many of you do not look at your dog as a pet, more like another family member. So we want to help you, help your beloved puppy with your next move!

While you are start packing, don’t leave your dog out to be apart of the process. It may take a little longer than it would if your dog was in another room, but this will help your dog understand and not feel left out. This will also allow for your dog to see for themselves what is going on and for you to show him some love with a belly rub and a pet every now and then.

Talk to your dog; reassure him and give him more attention than normal. Tell him, in upbeat tones, how much fun he will have in your new home. Read More

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