An Emotional Move

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“The movers were professional and very personable. Matt in customer service made this a great experience for my sister and I. We so appreciate it as it is somewhat of an emotional experience. It was my nephew’s furniture and he passed away in an accident. So thank you TSI so much for arranging things for us. You made our experience personable and professional. We appreciate it so much. I will recommend you to anyone!!”
Martha, Michigan, May 26, 2013

Tips for Packing up Your Kitchen

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Tips for Packing Your Kitchen
Tip #1 – Prepare Your Kitchen – Sort, Simplify, and Purge

Packing your kitchen can be an interesting thing to do. You may find kitchen items that you didn’t even know that you had and/or know what they do! Take a look through all of these items first before you start packing, because, frankly if you do not know what an item does, why would you keep it? And if you have multiples of a utensil, pots, pans, etc. think about that, will you use them all? This is a great way to start packing your kitchen, by first purging.

Tip #2 – Figure out your Essential Items

After you go through and decide on what you need in your kitchen and what you can get rid of or donate. Next think about what you can live without in the next few days or even weeks. Read More

A Message from a True TSI Fan

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“Liz, Tommy and his assistant were all outstanding throughout the entire process of coordinating my daughter’s move from Philadelphia to Seattle. I sincerely wish everyone in business could take a lesson from Liz, Tommy and his assistant in customer service, courtesy, trustworthiness, hard work and professionalism!! Each of them truly represent your company to the highest degree of excellence! I am a true fan and will highly recommend your company to absolutely everyone I know undertaking a move whether it be small or in our case, all the way across the country!”
Margaret, Philadelphia, PA, May 18, 2013

How to Utilize Your Small Space

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Find out how you can make your home work for you with these smart ways to open up and declutter your home.

Pick furniture that has multiple aspects. Purchase an ottoman that can be used for storage, an extra seat, a foot rest and even a table (place to put out food or your drink). These can then be stored under a coffee table to save space or even on the bottom of a built in shelf.

Turn a bench into a storage unit. Do you have a play room that is overflowing and just plain messy? Try adding colorful open benches. This will add seating for your play dates and family get together and also give you a place to store toys underneath. Try to place the bigger toys in front of the messy toys, again to make it look clean and organized.

Turn your closet into a desk. suggests turning a closet into a desk. If you do not have enough room for your desk and you also do not have that many clothes to fill a closet than try putting a small desk in your closet. Read More

Across Country Move

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“The process was extremely simple and smooth for my across-country move! Staff was very friendly and timely with pick-up and drop-off. Whenever I called the Customer Service call center with questions they were all very patient, knowledgeable and helpful with everything! I would definitely use this company again!”
Beth, San Diego, CA, May 9, 2013

Tips for Top Floor Moving

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Moving into a top floor apartment has many advantages: a great view of the town, more safety from break-ins, less overhead noise, minimal flooding risk, and better heat retention.

But a top floor apartment also comes with a major disadvantage when moving in, all those steps! There are ways to lessen the load when moving into a top floor apartment.

These five “help” options are great tips for moving to the top floor

Packing help – Packing your boxes efficiently helps a lot in moving up many steps. Try reading our blog on tips for packing. Also, packing your moving trailer in a specific order is helpful. Read More

Can We Ship It? A Secretary – Yes We Can!

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Transit Systems takes excellent care of everything that we ship, especially our antique customers. We value all of our shipments and treat them like they are our own. When you book your shipment with Transit Systems, you can be assured that it will arrive to its destination in perfect condition.

“I recently shipped my grandfather’s desk with TSI; a century old antique desk. He graduated from Clemson in 1998. Our family moved into his house in 1946 when I was three. The desk was used by my grandmother, my father and my mother. Fifty years ago I started college, started to study for the first time and used this desk. Transit Systems did a great job of shipping me this desk. It arrived in perfect condition. The driver did a perfect job of placing, unwrapping, and setting it up. Not a scratch on it.” – Dick Vogel, TSI customer Read More

Courteous and Efficient Customer Service

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“By “on time” I mean that they arrived within an hour of when they said, which, given the distances involved, was very good. Everyone I dealt with was courteous and efficient, and my goods–including two pieces of antique furniture–had been well handled.”
Jane, Miami Beach, FL, May 1, 2013