Tips for Buying a New House

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1. Only buy a house if you plan on staying – Buying a house is a big commitment and if you plan on only staying for longer than 3-5 years than it is a great investment. If you only plan on living there for under three years, than the transaction costs of buying and selling would not be worth it.

2. Look into your credit history – You will need to apply for a mortgage and the credit union or bank that you apply with will do a credit check, so why not look into your own credit history first and fix any potential or existing problems.

3. Get Pre-Approved – Getting yourself pre-approved will save you the heartache of falling in love with a house you cannot afford and it will put you in a better position to make an offer when you are ready. Read More

Budget Friendly Recipes that Taste Good Too!

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Southwest White Chicken Chili
• 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil
• 1 pound chicken cut into cubes
• 4 teaspoons chili powder
• 2 teaspoons ground cumin
• 1 chopped onion Read More

Many Questions Answered Promptly

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“Excellent customer service, all my many questions were promptly answered. My shipment arrived in perfect condition and on time. I would recommend to friends and family.”
Cassie, Memphis, TN, April 24, 2013

Tips for Going Green on Earth Day

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Great Tips for Going Green

Store foods in glass containers rather than plastic. Plastic containers at high temperatures (when placed in the microwave or dishwasher) release chemicals that you do not want in your food.

Purchase re-usable grocery bags, rather than using plastic bags. This cuts down on the number of plastic bags in circulation. Many supermarkets will give you a small credit for using them.

Sign up for Green Energy. Most people in the U.S have the option of purchasing green power from their utility. To find out more visit the Department of Energy’s state by state list of providers.

Wash your laundry in cold water. Most clothes really do not need to be washed in warm or hot water, so lower the temperature of your washer and lower the cost to your energy bill and the planet. Read More

Stressed About Your Move? Can’t Sleep? Try these Tips to Help You Sleep Like a Baby

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Transit Systems’ “Sleep Like a Baby” Tips

When you find yourself tossing and turning while trying to fall asleep, stop and try some of these TSI sleep tips:

Read a book – Take out your kindle, your tablet, or just an old fashion paperback book and find a comfortable chair somewhere. Take your mind elsewhere for a bit. Read yourself to sleep.
Write it down to clear your mind – Make a list of things you are worried about that are preventing your from sleeping. Write down your worries; put them on a paper and out of your mind! Go back to sleep with a clear head.
Bed is for sleeping – Do not watch TV in bed, play on your computer in bed, or use your phone or tablet in bed either! Keep all that stuff outside of your bed and out of your head before bed. Read More

Would Use Transit Systems Again

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“If you had an “above average” category I would have chosen it for almost everything. I would say the service met my expectations. Tom was good to work with & I would definately choose to work with your company again. Good job”
Joan, Garland, TX, April 14, 2013

Get a Glimpse of Transit Systems’ Pricing

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Transit Systems is all about providing their customers with options. We try our best to pair up the right level of service with the job at hand, and give our customers the best service possible. Our mission is to match our customers and their needs with a service that fits their budget.

This post will help explain how pricing works with TSI’s moving and shipping services.

The first choice is between our motor freight service and vanlines service. Once a choice is made here, TSI will quote you a price for what you are looking to ship. We do this based on the many average sizes and weights of the many items our customers are shipping, so that we can get you an accurate price quote.

How Pricing Works… in a nutshell

The pricing is dependent upon which shipping method we are quoting on. For motor freight service, charges are based on increments of weight, but really this is more about the convenience. For our vanlines service, there for price, but sometimes this level of service can be impacted by dimensions and cubic footage of the shipment itself. Read More

Shipment Was a Pleasant Experience

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“Transit Systems performed exactly as predicted and the driver was friendly, punctual, and professional when picking up our item to be shipped. We were given a web-address where we could follow the progress of our item and it arrived exactly on time, so we were able to inform the person receiving the delivery. Overall, it was a most pleasant experience and we cannot recommend Transit Systems highly enough.”
Carolyn, Aurora, CO, April 10, 2013

Tips for Small Space Gardening

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Take a look at these great outside space ideas from some of our friendly bloggers.

Pallet Plants – Very unique idea! Find yourself a wooden pallet that you can place sideways on your outside space and then plant small plants inside. Remember to pick small plants because there is not a whole lot of room for the roots to grow.

Wooly Pockets – Wooly pockets are great for hanging on an outside wall. They are lined with moisture barriers so that you do not get dripped on by water when you are enjoying your outside space. Read More

How to Host an Easy but Fun Moving Party

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If you have a larger home, then you should be able to have everyone at the same time but if your home is smaller, make it an open invite all day and hope that not everyone shows up at the same time!

Hosting a “Moving Party” is a great way to say all your good byes and to also pay tribute to your home. But with everything going on, this may sound unreasonable, which is why Transit Systems wants to help. We want to show you a cheap, easy and creative way to host a party.

Before you throw the party, make sure everything is packed and ready to go. The party would be perfect while you are waiting for the moving truck. Read More

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