How to Handle Your New Long Commute

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How to Handle Your New Long Commute

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Pandora– Pandora offers very limited commercial music specific to what you enjoy listening to. You can specify exactly what type of music you want to listen to without interruption.

Audio Books – A great way to help pass the time during your commute is to read a good book; whether a good book for you is a self-help book, a fiction, or nonfiction there are plenty of options. Here are a few books off the list of the top selling books on Amazon (click on Amazon for the full list).

1. The Diet Dash: Weight Loss Solution
2. The Legend of Zelda
3. The Secrets of Happy Families
4. Fifty Shades of Grey
5. Quiet
Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

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Irish Soda Bread and Whiskey Butter
This is an old family recipes from that you must try!

Pistachio Twists

1 package frozen puff pastry, thawed
1 egg white, beaten
1/3 cup finely chopped shelled pistachios
Kosher salt to taste Read More

So Glad We Could Help

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“You helped me through the hardest of times with understanding and patience and flexibility.”
Polly P, Olympic Valley, CA, Feb 20, 2013

How to Ship Your Baby Furniture

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How to Ship Your Nursery

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Maybe that crib has been passed on throughout you family and now it is your turn, but how do you get it across the country? We have your answer! Transit Systems.

Transit Systems has been moving and shipping for over 20 years and we will take excellent care of your treasured baby furniture. We know that your little one needs his or her furniture strong and in one piece and we ensure our shipments. We promise your baby furniture will show up in one piece, safe and sound.

We can ship your crib, changing tables, rockers and even your diaper genie! You can ship it boxed or unboxed; depending on what you are looking for price wise. If you want to know the best way to ship your baby furniture – Click Here to learn more. Read More

Delivery in a Timely Manner

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“I was very impressed with your company. The men were very professional and everything was picked up and delivered in perfect condition on a timely basis.”
Susan, Morristown, NJ, Feb 17, 2013

Small Business Shipping with TSI

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Whether you just purchased new office furniture from a friend, Ebay or Craigslist and need it shipped –  OR if you have a home office that you plan to move to a bigger office, Transit Systems can do it all for you at a price you can afford.

We will handle everything for you! Including scheduling a pickup and the delivery, all the paperwork, tracking and we will follow up with you to find out how your experience with TSI went. Read More

Bed and Bed Frame Shipment

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“I shipped a bed and a steel bed frame. Transit systems directed me to a box supplier and all I had to do was box the items and take them to the street. No issues whatsoever.”
– Michael, Seattle, WA, Feb 13, 2013

The Top Five States to be a Young Professional

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Graduating from college is very overwhelming to young adults for numerous reasons; entering the real world on your own, finding a “real” job, student loans, finding the right place to live, and so much more. Transit Systems would like to help young adults find the right place to start their career and begin their life. We found a great article from Yahoo Finances that describes the top states to live in as a young American.

Five Great Places to Start Your Career

1. North Dakota – They have the lowest youth unemployment rate of all 50 states. North Dakota has a booming economy. There is a lower average cost of higher education.
2. South Dakota – South Dakota has very cheap apartments for young adults and again has relatively low unemployment rates.
3. Iowa – Lowest insurance premiums in the nation (according to Read More

Professional Drivers at TSI

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“The driver who delivered my item was extremely professional and courteous, even when explaining company policy that he could not assist me inside my residence. Great job on both ends at the best price (because I did do comparative shopping first).”
Katrina, Memphis, TN, Feb 8, 2013

Will Use TSI Again

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“Every part of the process was seamless and as promised. Great company that I will use again.”
Jennifer, Houston, TX, Feb 6, 2013

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