Tips for Moving Out of the Country

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Make Sure You Are 100% Positive – Moving to another country is a big deal and a huge change so make sure you are totally into the move, never too late to change your mind if things stop making so much sense.

Moving Out of the Country

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Start Today – Plan early, there is no time like the present to start getting everything ready for your move.

Review Your Budget – If you keep a budget, review it and account for the move; if you do not keep a budget, start one. If your budget is ready for your move, you will be too.

Look into Your Companies Benefits – Find out if you are eligible for relocation benefits. Read More

Best Uses for Transit Systems Air Freight Service

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Transit Systems is your choice for your next long distance, small move. We have many options for shipping. One of the options available (but not commonly used) is our Air Freight Service. This is a great option for someone in a hurry. This service is also great for when you are shipping a large box or crate that contains items that are fragile or valuable.

For our UPS customers, EBay shippers and others this is a great way to ensure delivery on a specific deadline. If you are sending an important item for a tradeshow, project or something along those lines this works perfect!

This is a fairly priced shipping service, but it’s not the most inexpensive option we offer. Air Freight Service is a higher-end option for people with schedules and calendars that are less flexible. If you’re in a rush, then you know that “time is money!”

With TSI you get what you pay for: Over 20 years of experienced shippers, professional packing and very careful shipping of you items. We take excellent care of your shipment every step of the way; no need to worry about anything. And it will arrive on time for when you need it. Read More

How to Entertain Your Kids Until Spring

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Are you a stay at home parent wondering how in the world you are going to make it until Spring especially with flu season making going to indoor play places difficult? You can agree that the summer was great (beach and pool), fall brought outside play, playgrounds and then that brought us to the holidays; now its January, what do we do now??

There are so many great ways to spend your cold, winter days; you just need to do the research. Try pinterest. Pinterest has awesome ideas for kid’s crafts, fun baking ideas, new books to read, healthy games, and so much more. Below are some great ideas and websites to try this winter.

Do a Science Experiment– There are many new that you try that will work with what you have in your home and will entertain and teach your kids.

Fun Foods – Try baking something fun and new. The kids love helping out in the kitchen; they love to lick the batter, stir and measure. And of course they would love to eat the dessert that you make together.

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Saving Money on Cable TV by Cancelling Your Service

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Are you looking to cut costs this year and wondering why your Comcast or Verizon bill is so high? Well, take it from me; those companies are not budget friendly! They send out fliers with their new promotion for Internet, Phone and Cable bundle for $79, which sounds great but then they add taxes, HD fees, DVR fees, Pay-Per-View movie charges, cable box fees… and then taxes and you are well over $100 per month.

Do you even watch TV that much that you need to be spending over $100 a month? If your answer is no, then read below to about some other options which could cut your bill in half…or more!

Streaming Can Help You Save Money!

You don’t need to eliminate TV completely; there are some great options out there. If you are ok with not watching shows live or when they are originally aired, then streaming may be your answer. This may take some getting used to, but in most cases this ends up fitting your schedule better since it allows you to watch what you want, when you want to watch it.

The most popular streaming devices on the market are Roku, Apple TV, and Google TV. Each of these options offer ways to access tons of TV shows and movies, but there are some differences between them which could help determine which is right for you. Here are the pros and cons for each option.
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Shipping Out of State with Transit Systems

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Are you moving out of state and looking for the best way to ship your furniture? Well, Transit Systems is your answer! We have been shipping across country since 1989. Call Transit Systems and get an exact quote for your out of state shipment. We will need the pick up and delivery zip codes and the weight of the items you are shipping. But don’t worry, if you do not have the weight, we can pull an average for the furniture that you plan to ship.

At TSI, we provide you with options. Not everyone has the money for a “white glove” service. This means we come inside your home, wrap your furniture, load it on the truck and then unload it and place your furniture where it belongs. All we need from you is a phone call to set everything up.

For those of you looking for a more “budget friendly option” you should try our curb to curb service. That means you will need to box all of your items and then meet our driver at the curb and even help him load the truck. If you are able to do this, you can save a few hundred dollars. Even better, if you can drop or pick up your furniture at one of our terminals you could save another hundred dollars. At Transit Systems we are all about saving your money! Read More

Its that Easy with TSI

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“Prompt pickup, early delivery, what more could we ask for.”
Deborah Ward, Jan 9, 2013

Tips for Making Your New Year’s Resolution Stick

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1. Take some time to really think about exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it.

2. Be specific. Rather than say, “I want to get in shape” say, “I want to slim down two sizes, work out 4 days a week and do all of this by summer.”

3. Limit your resolution. Decide on just one resolution and do it well, rather than several that you might not accomplish. Read More

Can We Ship It? Yes We Can – Treadmill!

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Shipping a Treadmill

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This New Years, did you decide to lose weight, run a marathon, or just starting exercising more? This is a great New Year’s resolution but not always an easy one to accomplish, but a treadmill is an excellent source for achieving your goals. Unfortunately treadmills are not cheap. Although the fact that you are paying a couple hundred to a thousand dollars for it could help motivate you to use it and get healthy.

Craigslist, Ebay or purchasing a treadmill from a friend is a great way to save money, but then you need it shipped. That is where Transit Systems can help! Transit Systems has been shipping treadmills and furniture items for over 20 years and we guarantee your treadmill will be shipped by professionals in a timely manner.

You have two options when shipping with Transit Systems. You can choose from our Motor Freight Service; also known as our curb to curb service. With this service, you will need to box your treadmill as well as help our driver load the treadmill onto the truck. Our truck drivers pull up to the curb near your home or business; they do not go inside your home. This is our more economical method, but with a treadmill you will need yourself, the driver and most likely someone else because of the weight. If you have help, this is a great budget friendly option. Read More