How to Wrap a Sofa for Moving and Shipping

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Transit Systems has been shipping furniture for over 20 years and will offer you exceptional service. Transit Systems also gives you moving and shipping options designed to give you the best service that fits your needs, and saves you money too.

If you’re going to be moving or shipping a sofa or couch, you have two great options to choose from:

White Glove Service

You can make moving and shipping a sofa even easier with our white glove service! This is an upgrade and you will spend a little more, but you’ll do less preparation for your move and lift even less.

“White Glove” means our experienced movers will come into your home, carefully wrap and prepare your sofa with blankets or bubble wrap, load it, and transport it. We also will do the same with your coach, tables and chairs, and any items you need shipped. This enhanced level of service requires less work on your part, and you’ll pay a little more for it. If however you are looking for more of a budget friendly way to ship your sofa or couch, you should consider our lower cost alternative called “Wrap-It-Shipping.” Read More

Precious Cargo

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“The delivery men were prompt, friendly, careful and caring with my precious cargo. Not one item was damaged. All of the items were irreplaceable, and they were handled as such.”
JoAnn, Port Tobacco, MD, Nov 26, 2012

Tips for Unpacking – Day 1

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Moving into your new home is such an exciting day! Congratulations!

You’ve said your good byes to your old home, you’ve packed all your things and are ready to start fresh in your new neighborhood, but there is one little road block… All these boxes!!

Boxes, boxes, everywhere! Where do you start? We know! Transit Systems works with people moving on a daily basis and we have combined these awesome tips just for you!

Unpacking Tips for Moving Day 1

• Before moving day even arrives, remember two things (of the many): (1) call your cable guy and have him come the day you move in (let’s be honest, what will you do without cable and internet) and (2) talk to your electricity provider and make sure the electricity has been turned on. Read More

How to Spend Thanksgiving Alone

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Everyone talks about the holidays and spending time with those you love, but sometimes unseen circumstances leave us spending the holidays alone. That doesn’t mean you should give up and pretend Thanksgiving is just like any other day. Try these great suggestions for spending Thanksgiving alone.

Volunteer Your Time – Spend the morning helping those in need. Go to your local shelter and help others get the Thanksgiving dinner that they deserve. This will not only make others feel good, it will also be your good deed for the year.

Give to Good Will – If you cannot physically go to a shelter than spend some time going through your things and donate. Look in your pantry; are there extra cans that you can live without? Look in your closet, are there clothes in there that you do not wear and could keep someone warm this winter? How about books, toys, blankets? Anything that could help a family in need. You can even schedule a pick up at your house through the Vietnam Veterans of American.

Spend Some Quality “Me” Time – How often do you get time to focus on yourself and really do what you want. If you are the kind of person that cannot sit still, then finish some projects around the house that you have started months ago. If you like to relax, RedBox or OnDemand your favorite holiday movie or a movie that your significant other doesn’t normally let you watch! Or curl up by the fire with a warm blanket and read a good book. Do what you want to do! Read More

Century Old Antique Desk – Not a Scratch

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“I recently shipped my grandfather’s desk with TSI; a century old antique desk. He graduated from Clemson in 1898. Our family moved into his house in 1946 when I was three. The desk was used by my grandmother, my father and my mother. Fifty years ago I started college, started to study for the first time and used this desk. Transit Systems did a great job of shipping me this desk. It arrived in perfect condition. The driver did a perfect job of placing it, unwrapping it and setting it up. Not a scratch on it.”
Dick Vogel, Littleton, CO, Nov 20, 2012

The Pine Ridge Story: TSI spotlights a Wonderful Woman and a Worthy Charity

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Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks to those who built the foundation of our land. And what better way to give thanks than by helping kids gets the food and clothing that they need – kids whose forebears helped make the first Thanksgiving possible.

Recently Transit Systems received a call from Carol Carlson looking for a quote to ship 115 boxes of food, warm coats, sturdy shoes, school books, children’s toys and many more of the things that most of us take for granted. With her passion for helping children and families rise above poverty, Carol makes a difference in people’s lives; more specifically, those of Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Pine Ridge is the poorest place in the United States. Unemployment is over 80%. Many homes do not have adequate heat. Elders are forced to raise their small grandchildren and great grandchildren because the high suicide rate takes so many young adults. Crime, gang problems, alcoholism and teen pregnancy run rampant. Dental and medical care don’t reach people in need because of transportation problems and cultural barriers. The need for donations is huge. Read More

Great Places to Find Apps for Kids

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Many people plan to travel this coming week to spend time with family and friends. This Thanksgiving be prepared for travel by uploading these apps for your ride.

Intellijoy offers many free “Lite” apps for your preschooler; even your toddler may enjoy some of these. They offer numbers and math, puzzles, letter and connect the dots. This is through Google Play, may only be for Android phones.

• Try Best Apps for Kids. They offer apps for kids of all ages, from toddlers to high school kids. Some are even free. wrote an article about the top 30+ iPhone Apps for Kids.

Angry Birds and Bad Piggies are great games for kids of all ages to play for a long period of time with many levels to take up plenty of time. Read More

First Time Shipper

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“Had never used this company before, but I will use them again. They did an excellent job and were very reasonable on price.”
Harold, Edina, MN, Nov 14, 2012

How to Prepare For Traveling this Holiday

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Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!? Then it is the holiday season. Wow, it feels like yesterday we were in shorts and T-shirts. But who doesn’t love the holidays?!

A lot of people are making plans to travel next week. Actually, did you know Wednesday is the most traveled day of the year? If you are one of the many flying to a destination Thanksgiving, be sure to follow these recommended steps for better traveling.

1. Check the Rules & Regulations for Your Flight – Before you start packing, make sure you go to your airlines’ website and research their restrictions & bag fees. You will need to know how heavy your suitcase is allowed to be, (knowing the exact weight of your packed suitcase is a great idea) and the width & height of it too. Check-In the afternoon before your flight on the airline’s website; reserve a seat and to check the flight status.

2. Packing the Right Way, the Smart Way
• Plan to borrow things such as toiletries, hair dryer, hair accessories, bath towels, etc.
• Try to pick one, ok maybe two pairs of shoes, and then match multiple outfits, coats and sweaters. This will help to save on space in your bag.
• Lay everything out that you plan to pack before you actually put it in your suitcase. Read More

Tips on House Painting for Dummies – Part 2, Exterior

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Did you know a fresh coat of paint on your house can add to both the value of your home and its curb appeal? Well, it can! And to top it off, painting the exterior of your home can prolong the life of your home.

But painting the exterior of your home can cost a lot of money, money you do not have lying around, but it just so happens you have the time and love to learn, so try these DIY tips for painting the exterior of your home before your next big move.

Steps to DIY Exterior Painting

Step 1 – Cleaning the Exterior – Just as we learned in Part 1 – House Painting for Dummies, you need to clean the surface before painting. Use a power washer that you can and/or purchase at a home improvement store (such as Home Depot or Lowers). An important tip you must know, keep the power washer moving. If you keep the power washer in the same spot, it is powerful enough to put a hole in your wood. Read More

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