Mother-In-Law’s Famous Apple Pie Recipe

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Photo Credit | Wikimedia Commons | Dan Parsons

1 ½ cups flour
½ teaspoon salt
½ cup shortening (I use the sticks of Crisco -butter flavor) 1/2 stick=1/2 cup
4-5 Tablespoons cold water

Put flour and salt in a small bowl. Cut in the shortening with a sharp knife into the mixture until the mixture is the size of small peas. Sprinkle the water in and toss until the mixture starts to stick together and form a small ball. Flatten on a floured piece of saran wrap. Put another piece of saran on top and then Read More

Rosemarie says TSI Saves the Day

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“This service was found in the “nick of time” it saved me from driving 700 miles to drop my daughter off. GREAT Service.”
Rosemarie, Hatfield, PA, Sept 27, 2012

How to Clean Your Kids’ Car Seat

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Here are some awesome tips for cleaning your kid’s car seat.
• If you have the original owners’ manual, or should we say, if you can find it, take a look at how to take the seat apart. If you do not have the manual, check online.
• Take apart the seat. Take the cover off and unhook all the straps. Pay attention to how it will go back together, especially if you plan to sell it. Might help to take a picture.
• Usually the covers can be machine washed but most of the time they will need to be line dried.
• Soak all pieces in hot soapy water and sponge clean the straps. Make sure you read the owners’ manual because some cannot be soaked.
• Wipe down the plastic form. Mr. Clean is a great cleaner for washing. And be sure again to air dry it completely.
• Now the fun part: put the seat back together. The manual or even a friend who has the same car seat should be able to help. Local hospitals or police may be able to take a look at it for you to make sure it is safe.

And remember when you do find a buyer for all your items; be sure to contact Transit Systems for your long distance move. We’d be happy to help! Visit one of these links:
• How to ship a boxed car seat.
• How to ship a crib or other baby furniture.

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Moving With Your Pet

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So you made the important decision to move, now there is so much to think about and plan, but what about your pet? Wonder if there is anything to do for him? Just bring all of his things? Well there are two important places that we want to remind you to visit before you move; the vet and the groomer.

Schedule an Appointment for the Vet
Keep these things in mind while you are with your doctor:
1. If you are moving far away from your vet that you will require a new one, ask your current vet for a recommendation.
2. If you pet is due for any shots in the next couple of months, do them now. You never know how long it will take to get into your new vet’s office.
3. Request copies of your pets’ records.
4. If you need to travel far, ask your vet for a low dose sedative. You do not want to knock your pet out, you just want to take the edge off for him.

Get Your Pet Groomed
Even if you do not normally take your pet to be groomed this is a good idea before your move. You will be in an enclosed small space with your pet for a long period of time; therefore you want him to smell clean. Also, you want his nails trimmed so you do not ruin your car’s seats. And lastly you want to get your pet a good hair trim so they are not shedding all over the place.

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Three Frustrating House Problems – Solved!

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Do you have any of these frustrating problems? Let’s solve them today!

Dark Colored Walls
• Carpet Smells Like Cat/Dog
• Ants

Painting is one of the main things you want to finish before you move in. Painting can be very frustrating when you need to cover a dark colored wall. To simplify your painting experience, try priming. This may take a couple of days but it will work and your light color will show over your dark paint.

Every time you walk into your new house do you smell dog and you don’t even have one? You may need to hire a professional cleaner to come in to get rid of the smell, but first try a home remedy. Get a spray bottle and add warm water and then add a little less than half vinegar. Take the spray bottle and Read More

How to Antique Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you an Antique dealer or do you have a passion for antiques, but are having a hard time finding the perfect antique cabinets for your new home? It is easy to find everyday white cabinets; they sell them at every home goods store. So why not create your own antique cabinets with these easy tips from HGTV?

Here is what you will need for this project:

• rubber gloves
• rags
• painters’ tape
• sanding block
• 80-grit sandpaper
• mocha-tinted antiquing glaze
• spray polyurethane (non-yellowing)
• small paint brush

Wipe Cabinets
Put on your rubber gloves then take a damp, wet rag and wipe your cabinets clean. Make sure they are dry before moving to the next step. Next, use your painters’ tape along the edges of your cabinet to prevent glaze from getting on your walls

Sand Wood Edges
Wrap your 80-grit sandpaper around your sanding block. Sand the raised edges and corners of each. Sand until the wood underneath the paint is fully exposed.

Apply Glaze
Add a small amount of glaze to your clean rag. Start on the front of one cabinet and apply your antiquing glaze in a circular motion. Repeat this step until you covered the front of the cabinet and all sides.

Smooth Out Circular Marks
Now that all your cabinets have a coat of glaze, take another clean rag and smooth out the glaze. Wipe the glaze up and down or side to side motion until it achieves the look you were looking for.

Darken Edges
Use a small paint brush and add more glaze to the distressed parts of the cabinet, as well as the doors. Once all parts have glaze, take a clean rag and carefully wipe off excess glaze that has spilled out of the distressed spot. You can do this by wrapping the cloth around your index finger.

After 24 Hours
Spray a very light layer of polyurethane. Please note your materials above; you want to use non-yellowing sealer.

Take a Picture!
Last step is to take a picture of your cabinets; before and after, and send it to Transit Systems at We would love to see what you created!

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First Time Making a Small Move

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“The phone representative, Carol, was excellent. She worked with my tight time frame and was very accommodating and knowledgeable. I had never made a “small move” before. She was honest and provided valuable information.”
Penny, Sept 18, 2012

Tips For a Successful Moving Sale

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Tips For a Successful Moving Sale

Photo Credit | Deposit Photo | Feverpitch

1. Invite friends over to help. Your friends can be more objective in deciding whether to get rid of something that you have been holding onto for years. But they also will know you well enough to make sure you don’t sell something you might regret.
2. Make your stuff look appealing. Take a couple of minutes to clean things off and wipe them down. Also, if you have any of the owner’s manuals, tape them to the item to add more value.
3. Organize Your Sale. When you go shopping, it can be difficult to sort through an unorganized warehouse full of stuff, so organize your sale “department store style.” For example, sort all of your kitchen items together, all of your fitness and sports items, your garage and outdoor stuff together, etc. Read More

What Is the Best Way to Ship My Items?

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Dining Room Furniture – You can request an inside, two man pick-up for your dining room furniture (this is easier on you but cost more money) If you want to spend less money and are able to wrap the furniture yourself, try our White Glove DIY Service.

Boxes – Shipping boxes is based on the weight of your box when using our freight service. So if you have a bunch of boxes, those individual boxes may Read More

TSI is a Great Find

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“I’m so glad I found you guys!”
John Henry, Lompoc, CA Sept 14, 2012

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